maandag 30 januari 2012

Snow has finally arrived

This morning when we got up, we had a white world. So beautiful and the first time this year. Some views from my walk with Bibi this morning.

Toen we vanochtend opstonden, hadden we een witte wereld. Zo mooi! Hier een paar impressies van mijn wandeling vanochtend met Bibi.

A tree that fell down last week after lots of rain and heavy wind.
Een omgewaaide boom vorige week, na veel regen en harde wind.

This view never bores me!
Dit verveelt nooit! 

Smells are so strong in the cold and snow. Bibi never gets bored.
Geuren zijn zo sterk in de sneeuw en kou, dat Bibi zich geen moment verveelt.


Birds in our winter garden. Here you can see a sparrow looking for some food, which he found after some digging.

Vogels in onze winter tuin. Hier zie je een mus, op zoek naar voedsel. Na een beetje graven kon hij het dan toch eindelijk vinden.

 The robin was more clever. It decided to pick up the seeds under the table.
Het roodborstje was slimmer. Hij zocht naar zaadjes onder de tafel.

(Thank you Ulla, for linking me to Wikipedia to get a quick translation for the birds from Dutch into English!)


"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is."

- Albert Einstein -

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Terry zei

Your pictures are lovely! Everything always looks so fresh and clean with a blanket of snow on it! :0)

KaHolly zei

The snowfall certainly looks pretty. That's about the only nice thing I can say about snow!

O'faigh zei

Hallo Lieve Simone, hard to imagine snow....when we are in the midst of Summer...lovely pics...hugs O'faigh

Amanda zei

Lovely photographs. We had some snow when we woke up this morning but it was gone by lunchtime.

Stephanie zei

Abby would love to romp around in the snow with Bibi! No snow here which is very odd. New snow is beautiful.

Notjustnat zei

Thanks for sharing the snow with us. I love your photos. Your photography is much improved. When is the exhibition? Love Nat

Sue zei

At last the snow! It is so pretty. We have finally gotten some too, but it sure isn't enough to seem like winter yet.

Ulla zei

Beautiful pictures; I can imagine the excitement of Bibi in the first snow of the winter. I love your robin pictures, here the bird is so timid that I have no good pictures of it. They come back in April.

Theresa zei

Lovely photos - it's just cold and frosty here - it would be nice to see a bit of snow, we've only had one little snow shower this winter.

Shari zei

What a lovely walk with Bibi. Very picturesque.

Rena zei

Liebe Simone ,
danke für die schönen Winter Impressionen , bei uns hat es noch nicht geschneit , aber es ist bitterkalt geworden !

Viele liebe Grüße
und habe einen schönen Tag


hetty zei

Beautiful pictures of your walk with Bibi. We woke up to a lovely white world too this morning. It is not our first snowfall for this winter. Each time it snows we get rain shortly afterwards and the snow is gone. Today the temperature will go up to 7C. That is unheard of for our part of the world at this time of year. The snow should be gone by this afternoon.

maria zei

Very pretty but please don't send it across the North Sea to us!

Herzblatt zei

We don`t have snow but it is very very cold...-10° at the moment and until Thursday it will be -20°...brrr....
Best wishes

Suz zei

Aha... now I know what language your subtitles are in without appearing like a dork and having to ask... although it was driving me crazy (not know that is/not the subtitles :)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

What lovely snow pics Simone...makes me feel nice and cool...I love how you always end your post with a quote...liefs, Dzintra xoxox

Anoniem zei

Het levert idd mooie plaatjes op, maar om erdoor heen te moeten rijden is een andere zaak. En het is ook zo koud!!!!

ria vogelzang zei

Wat een prachtige plaatjes!
En dan te bedenken dat er hier in Overijssel bijna geen sneeuw gevallen is......!
Het is alleen maar heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel eeerrrrruuuuuugggggggg K*O*U*D!!!!!
Vanuit een warme kamer, dichtbij de verwarming......... groetjes van de enige echte koukleum......... : Ria...

Jenny zei

Love your snow pictures, Simone - it looks so pretty. Bibi seems to be enjoying it too :))

Tracy zei

Such lovely snow moment, Simone! Your do Bibi is so sweet... It's been very cold, and snowy here too...bbbrrr... I must say, beauty though there is outside just now, I will be glad for warmer days to come as spring approaches. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Carrie P. zei

Beautiful! is that mistletoe in the big tree?

Stoff und Nadel ..... Jutta's Blog zei

Vielen Dank für die schönen Fotos, ich liebe dein Blog !!!
Deine Jutta, die dir ein schönes Wochenende wünscht :O)

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