maandag 15 december 2008

Thank goodness, there is more than just Christmas

This Saturday we celebrated Sinterklaas among the four of us, a week late. This is what Laura made and bought me. The heart made of felt has a tag attached: met liefde (with love). Isn't this a very sweet gift (O: The little angel is holding stars to lighten up each day. Laura really knows what I love! It's wonderful to have a daughter like her ((O:

Then while I was blogging, I found this Charms for Charity Contest. Go have a look there. Deadline is December 31.

Here is my completely finished Christmas pattern by Gail Pan. It's a quick project and very much fun to do (as I might have said already earlier)!

A while ago I joined the Teeny Tiny Squares Quilt Swap and yesterday I received the name of my secret swap partner. I'm really looking forward to make a quilt with squares between 1-1.5". It's something I've always wanted to do and a swap somehow gets me to do it. I think I might make two at the same time, so I'll have one for myself too.

And last but not least, I received my Gail Pan giveaway. Gentle dreams - Let summer whisper her gentle dreams. Doesn't this just make you go to another world with your thoughts and feelings. Once again, Gail, thank you so much (O:

Hope you all have a very nice and creative week!

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Stina zei

Very nice gifts....:o)
And a lovely pattern from Gail ...nice prize!
And I see that you are going to keep yourself busy with some challenges...this is a very good thing to do...and a lot of fun!! Wish you all the luck...
Have you had any snow...sent some your way last night?? lol...

Michele zei

Hi Simone,

Thanks for posting about the Charms for Charity contest. It's been great fun seeing all the charms from quilters around the world.


Lenna Green of Stitching Cow zei

Gosh you have been busy and what lovely goodies you have been sent. Wonderful to see that we Australian Designers are finding favour overseas. Thanks for commenting on my blog re my Christmas patterns, glad you like them. Have a great Christmas.
Warmly Lenna

Sarah zei

Ohhh I like that stitching! And also the next projects of hers!

The Mini quilt trading swap sounds really good - wish I knew about it...

Princess Of Pink zei

Hallo Simone, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes I am Dutch too, but prefer writing in the English language, lol.
Maar kan het ook in het Nederlands hoor.
Leuk dat je mijn blog bezocht hebt. Jij hebt ook enige dingen zie ik, en vooral die Engel van je zoon is een schatje. En je Sneeuwmannen, joh grappig.

Groetjes van Marian

Jackie zei

What a lovely gift!

Can't wait to see what you're going to do with those itsy 1-1.5" squares!

Anoniem zei

oh How lovley Simone to have a gorgeous gift made by your daughter! and I love your Gail Pan stitchery. I have printed that one out but it just sits on my to do list! love your new header too :)

Evonne zei

Hello Simone, It is great that you have signed up for the challenges because that a means we will be seeing some lovely creations on your blog!! Your stitchery looks lovely now it is finished and your gifts from Laura are very sweet. Best Wishes, Evonne xx

Linda zei

Your stitchery is lovely, I have mine saved for next years stitching.

Anoniem zei

jij maakt echt super mooi dingen.
jammer dat ik je nit in en blogerlist kann schijfen.

goetjes sydney

sorry voor mijn nederlands

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