dinsdag 9 december 2008

Christmas definitely is coming

It is snowing outside again, but unfortunately it won't stick to the ground. Too warm I think, but it is freezing cold with the wind! Guess not as cold as where Stina lives.

I was going to put my snowman quilt on my blog today which I made a few years ago, but I couldn't find it. I think I gave it to someone, which I often do, without really thinking about it. My children (especially my son) don't like me doing this, but I guess that's just me.

So then I came across this wonderful Santa Claus which I finished last year. It's an advent calendar, however, I can't find the little ornaments that go to it. Well, it looks nice like this too, with Sarah's beautiful baubles (I think that's what they're called). I think I should do something about the way it hangs ...

And here is my sweet Christmas angel, my son gave me two years ago.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy Christmas, is that I come across things I tend to forget. And once I see them again, it makes me all happy, often with nice memories to them (O:
Hope you have a great time preparing your home and family for Christmas! We'll be getting our Christmas tree next weekend and hope to decorate it then too. Actually that is quite early for me.
One other thing I like about Christmas, is to look at how people decorate their homes. My dd, dh, doggy and I go out each night for a walk and sometimes have a laugh about the way some people can really get into the theme of Christmas and presents and reindeer and Santa Claus and Christmas trees and and and. But if everyone was as boring as us, not much would be seen.

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Stina zei

So glad to hear that Im not alone to remember where I have my quilts...lol..
I made a little quilt with "tomte nissar" (Santa´s little helpers)and for 2 years ago I started to wonder where it was...ddin´t find it last year either...so I started to ask my friends If they had received it from me... but no...no one had...
This year I found it ...wrapped in another quilt ..lol...but hmmm Im sure I looked there the other times I searched..;o) think its the little helpers that are making fun with me...lol...

Btw...still cold...:o)

Sherri zei

I love your wall-hanging and your angel. I know exactly what you mean about discovering things you had forgotten at Christmas...it happens every year, and it's so fun!

Annette zei

Very cute Christmas decorations. I love seeing what others do for Christmas too. So fun to see everyone get into the Christmas spirit.

Amanda zei

It's cold enough here for snow, but I don't think any is forecast. We're the same, we love to go out for a walk and peer in other people's gardens and houses to look at their Christmas decorations. A few things that I've made recently are starting to go up, but we don't usually decorate the tree or put the decorations up until about a week before Christmas.

Anoniem zei

Ik neem mee elk jaar voor dat ik iets moet maken met kerst, maar het komt er maar niet van. Volgend jaar ga ik echt iets maken. Ik mail je van de week even. Je hebt wel een lieve zoon die zo'n leuke engel koopt.


Nanette Merrill and daughters zei

What a lovely blog you have. thanks for playing along with me in my week celebration. It is fun to "meet" new people. I'll cross my fingers for you!


Guðrún zei

Your angle is cute. There are so many memories linked to Christmas.

Jackie zei

When unpacking my Christmas items, I'm the same way. Each thing holds a memory or has a story to tell! It's SO much fun!

Robyn zei

Hi Simone, Just passing by your pretty blog...I love your rose!!!
Thanks for poppin by my blog too...I appreciate your kind words...thanks.
I love your christamssy stuff too...all wonderful and your baubles are so cute!!
Have a wonderul Christmas with your family.
Robyn xx

Rachelmp zei

Oh, just love your Christmas decorations!

Rachelmp zei

Oh, just love your Christmas decorations!

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