donderdag 11 december 2008

Some more Christmas and getting organized

While I was going through some boxes today, I found these snowmen and the cute little x-mas lights. The background is batting I was going to throw away, but this is a good purpose for it!

This cute little bird I got with Sinterklaas this year. It is made of glass. I don't know yet where I am going to hang it. But just looking at it is very nice too.

And here I finished Gail Pan's free pattern. I'm not sure how I'll finish it yet. Maybe I'll keep it simple and just make a boarder around it. To be continued ...

And today I did some cleaning up and organizing. My gosh, did I collect a lot in the past few months! It is so nice to look at all the wonderful fabrics, threads, needles, ribbons, buttons etc., but if I don't get it organized after a while, I get lost and start doing 10 things at once, not knowing what I've started, finished, been in the middle of etc. I've already taken some boxes upstairs and have to get two more big boxes to get it all fixed.
Then I've found two free Christmas patterns. One is a stitchery by Sue Dailey and the other one is an ornament of a bird by Sandi Henderson from Portabellopixie.

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Sherri zei

Thanks for the new free pattern links...and your stitchery looks beautiful! It's always a good feeling to get organized!

Elin "The quilt maiden" zei

You have been very clever in organizing your stuff, I have to do the same, I have plenty, it's quite a mess, and I get nothing done...

Amanda zei

Thank you for the links to the two patterns - they look like fun and quick and easy to make. I did a 1 inch patchwork strip around my Gail Pan design and then a narrow binding. It's such a cute pattern isn't it?

Stina zei already stitched that one up..pheeww... wow are fast!! :o)...and I am slow...;o)

Leanne zei

I love the little glass bird were very quick with Gail's stitchery. It is very cute.

Evonne zei

Hello Simone, Your stitchery looks beautiful. I agree that the border should be kept simple. Your little glass bird is very pretty. Evonne xx

Ellen zei

Hallo Simone,

bedankt voor je reactie en je bezoekje aan mijn log.
Je hebt zelf ook een erg leuk log en je maakt mooie dingen!

Fijn weekend!


Lotusblüte zei

Dear Simone,your stitchery is beautiful :o)) Thank you for visting of my blog - I wish you a merry Christmas - hugs Gaby

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