woensdag 17 december 2008

Christmas Spirit Swap Gifts

This week the postman brought me a big parcel and I knew my Christmas Spirit Swap had arrived. My first Dutch swap! I had already told my swap partner that I didn't want to wait until Christmas to open it. I wanted it to be special and not get lost in the pile.
I had decided to put the presents under the Christmas tree, as soon as my daughter had finished decorating it that evening, look at them a bit more and then open them.
But what can you do if your children (17 and 15) keep asking you when you are going to open the parcel every two minutes.
Ok, so I decided to take them out of the parcel after a while. I could see from their eyes that they thought I was crazy: are you really just going to put the gifts there and look at them ??? My daughter started to pick up the presents, turn them, feel them, squeeze them etc. And my son kept looking strangely at me.
Eventually this was making me nervous AND even more curious. I gave up and started unwrapping the pressies ...

And this is what I got ...

I was overwhelmed by all the beautiful gifts! Look at the wonderful bag at the right. Marie-Joze does a great job in machine quilting and making bags. I already used it today. And see the stitchery on the Little Sewing bag. Inside the little house is a centimeter roller (is that what they're called) and in the needle case, rose pins were hidden.
For my daughter Marie-Joze had added a key-bag (on the left). She was really happy with it. She asked me if she could have the bag too... I don't think so ...

Thank you so much, Marie-Joze for the wonderful gifts!

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Guðrún zei

The rose pins are so great. Your presents are beautiful.

maria zei

Very lovely gifts. It's exiting recieving your swap parcels isn't it.

Jackie zei

What nice swap gifts! I love the fabric on the bag and her quilting looks wonderful too! Better watch that bag or your daughter will sneak off with it! :)

Suzie zei

What a great parcel you got! The gifts are absolutely lovely, your swap-partner was so generous! My favorite is the little pouch, beautiful stitchery. Thanks for your kind comment, I'll be visiting yours, too!

Stina zei

Ahhh...so nice gifts...they are wonderful...lucky you!! :o)
Loved everything!!

Cybele's patch zei

You surely got lovely gifts. Marie Jozé is known for her very special bags. You were so lucky to have her as your swap partner.

Bev C zei

Wow, I can see why your children wanted you to open the presents. You are certainly very lucky to receive such wonderful gifts.

Robyn zei

Hi Simone...Ah just gorgeous!!
Isn't this such fun?
Robyn xx :o)

Vickie zei

wow Simone, fantastic gifts there..isn't it just so wonderful that we can make gifts and give them too pretty much strangers with appreciation'
cheers Vickie

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