zondag 27 mei 2012

2 weeks later

I have been working on my eigth Zakka project this week. I wasn't sure that I would finish it, but see here, it is done (o: The original pattern is much bigger, but I wanted a small quilt for the hall. And here it is.

Deze week heb ik aan mijn achste Zakka project gewerkt. Ik had niet gedacht, dat ik hem af zou krijgen, maar zie hier (o: Het originele patroon is veel groter, maar ik had een quiltje voor de gang nodig. Hangt al heel leuk (o:

I stitched a different color around each block group. Really like it. And, I have discovered once again, that I just love working with Essex Linen Natural. So nice in combination with cotton prints!

Om iedere groep blokjes heb ik een andere kleur gestitcht. Vind ik echt heel mooi. En, ik ben opnieuw erachter gekomen, dat ik heel graag met Essex Linen Natural werk. De combinatie met geprinte katoen is zo mooi!

More linen projects to show this coming week.
Meer linnen projecten de komende week.


"If your eyes are blinded with your worries, you cannot see the beauty of the sunset."
- Krishnamurti

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Marion B. zei

Het is inderdaad een heel erg leuk quiltje. Brengt me weer op ik-weet-niet-hoeveel ideeën :-)
Leuk om iedere dag langs dit quiltje te lopen en al die kleuren steekjes te bekijken.

Stephanie zei

Adorable and I love the stitching in different colors. I worked with Essex once and loved it.

Jackie zei

I've not worked with linen before though I do have some in my stash. I'm glad to hear you enjoy working with it so much. It' a beautiful mini quilt!

Debbie zei

Your zakka quilt it lovely - Really nice hand-stitching!

Amanda zei

How sweet. I'm really enjoying the Zakka influenced pieces that I've been seeing recently.

Sharon zei

Very nice, Simone. I love how you stitched with different colors!

Leanne zei

Linen is always wonderful to work with. Your little quilt is very cute.

Jenny zei

Your quilt is gorgeous, Simone - I love the colours you have chosen, and like you, adore working with linen.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

I love the linen combined with cotton Simone and the coloured thread just tops it all of....a lovely finish! Have a great week dear Simone and Happy Stitching xoxo

Cybele's patch zei

Wat een leukerdje is dit weer. Je was erg stilletjes de laatste tijd. Begon me al wat ongerust te maken. Maar dat was niet nodig. Je hebt je tijd gewoon goed gebruikt!

Terry zei

It's lovely Simone! I really like the different colors of stitching you used! :0)

Dolores zei

What a cute quilt. Great for a hall. I really like the gray with the colours.

Ulla zei

Lovely combination, and the coloured hand stitching makes your zakka quilt very special.

Notjustnat zei

Indeed it a beautiful little quilt. I think you have found your niches Simone. I too love working with linen - Hugs Nat

the cuby poet zei

Absolutely beautiful.

Satu zei

Nice idea to stitch around the squares in different colour! Your newest small beauty is very pretty!

Nanette Merrill zei

I love all the projects. You've outdone yourself.

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