dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Another visit to Den Bosch (o:

Today Ger took a day off and we decided to go to Den Bosch. It the place above, Pink Lemon, we had our lunch. It's a great place to have lunch (o: Ger noticed that there were mainly chatting women ...

Vandaag heeft Ger een dagje vrij genomen. We zijn gezellig naar Den Bosch geweest. Uiteraard zijn we met een Bossche bol en een lekkere kop cappuccino begonnen (o: 
's Middags hebben we lekker  bij Pink Lemon geluncht. Een heel leuke plek. Het viel Ger op, dat er vooral vrouwen waren ...

 So pretty and cute!

 This picture was taken when I was there with my sister a few weeks ago (o:
Deze foto is genomen toen ik er een paar weken geleden met m'n zus was (o:

Look at the bright silicone moulds I found for small cakes.
Kijk eens naar de vrolijke silicone vormpjes die ik heb gevonden om kleine cakes in te bakken. 

I had finished my handles to the four baskets of the Retro Nine Patch basket blocks, however, I was  not happy with them. So, I decided to unpick them (which I don't do often) and do them differently. This quilt is too pretty to have ugly handles.

Ik had de hendels van de mandjes af voor de Retro Nine Patch mandjes blokken, maar ik vond ze echt niet mooi. Dus, heb ik ze uitgehaald (dat doe ik echt niet vaak - dan moet het al heel erg zijn) en heb ze anders gemaakt. De quilt is te mooi om mandjes met lelijke hendels te hebben!

"Spread love everywhere you go; first of all in your house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor. Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier."
- Mother Teresa -

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Ulla zei

It looks like a really nice place for lunch. You must be glad you did the basket handles again because they are just perfect now!

Stephanie zei

How nice of your husband to go to a pretty pink place with you for lunch. Your new basket handles are perfect and so pretty.

Amanda zei

What a pretty cafe, just the sort of place one expects to have perfect food. I love basket blocks and yours are looking lovely.

Françoise zei

There are always women at Pink Lemon: I think it are the colours....

Nanette Merrill and daughters zei

How fun. Love the molds.

Notjustnat zei

That place looked very cute! Men do amaze as how much women can talks - I have one of them at home, but it's the more I can talk hehe! Hugs Nat

Sharon zei

What a nice place for lunch! I like your new handles on the baskets. Yesterday I just got through picking apart a little wall hanging I made because of it being so out of square. I was going to leave it alone, but it drove me crazy every time I looked at it. My husband couldn't believe I picked it all apart! LOL!

Bev C zei

Hello Simone,

A lovely place you and Ger went to. There is a great range of cooking products out there now, hope your little moulds are soon full of yummy cakes.
Tell Ger that in Australia there is a group just for men called "Mens Shed". Men can get together and talk and create etc.

Happy days.

oh yes have to love your quote,Mother Teresa was an exceptional person.

Lida zei

Leuk zo'n dag samen op stap! En inderdaad de nieuwe hanvaten zijn veel mooier! Groetjes

ria vogelzang zei

Heerlijk, wat gezellig zo samen! Komt er gewoon niet zo vaak van, he? (Tenminste bij ons niet.......)
Je mandjes zien er nu veel gezelliger uit; was een goed idee om de handvaatjes te veranderen, hoor! Ze zijn nu echt veel mooier!!
Fijne dag!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

Oh Simone don't we all love to go out for lunch!!! Good on you for deciding to unpick...it is always such a huge decision to make...Oh I just love love love that quote...my sister says something similar to that...Start off by helping in your home...then the neighbour...on your street...and it will all go into the community...Very wise words your quote...Liefs Dzintra

Val zei

The tea shop is very pretty. I love the table cloths. Your new handles do look better. Good call.

Herzblatt zei

Your place to have lunch looks wonderful!! Just a place for me!!
You were right..the new handles look really much better.
Best wishes

Marion B. zei

Klinkt goed, zo'n dagje uit samen en je aankopen zijn zalig (van kleur en waarvoor ze zijn hihi)

Solstitches zei

What a lovely place to enjoy lunch.
Your patchwork baskets are very pretty and I agree that the new handles are nicer so it was worth the extra effort.
Your Sewing Room Sampler turned out so nice.
I enjoyed that SAL too.

Debbie zei

Looks like a great place for lunch - and your blocks are darling!

Houseelf zei

What a lovely place to visit- all ice cream colours. I can see why it would be popular with ladies.

I know what you mean "Don't spoil the ship for a half penny of tar" as the saying goes. You want something you can look at with pride after putting in so much hard work.

Shari zei

Any coffee shop called Pink Lemon gets my vote - sounds just lovely. Glad you got to share it with the DH.

Also love how your sampler turned out...

hetty zei

That looks like a nice place for lunch. Your handles look so much better!

KaHolly zei

You always show such interesting places. Someday I'd love to visit your area. What news do you have of your daughter? I often wonder how she is doing. I am hoping to do the retro nine patch project as my winter traveling handwork. I have all my materials gathered. You are very inspirational.

Elly's freubel hoekje zei

Dat zijn de geneugtes des leven
Lekker samen genieten
Ik ben terecht gekomen op een gezellige blog met héél veel mooi's!
Groetjes Elly

A Spoonful Of Sugar zei

How lovely to have a special day out with your husband!

Love your silicone moulds - what pretty cakes you will be able to make in these.

Your basket blocks look perfect!

Cybele's patch zei

'Even' bijgelezen. Simone, wat heb je weer prachtige stitcheries gemaakt. En mooie mandjes, en een leuke sampler. Ik hoop dat hier de chaos snel tot het verleden behoort en we weer een paar gezellige uurtjes met veel 'oh's en ah's zullen hebben!

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