zaterdag 11 april 2009

Happy Stitcheries!

On Good Friday my swap package to Lyn arrived. That same day her swap presents arrived my home too! Look at all the beautiful presents that were inside, with a beautiful pink rose card.

The gorgeous miniature quilt! The brown buttons came from Lyn's stash of 1930's buttons and they originated from Tasmania. Please click on the picture below to get a better impression of the quilt. Look at the way Lyn stitched the letters.

This is the miniature stitchery quilt I made for Lyn. She really is a person with a very big heart!
Thank you so much, dear Lyn, for this wonderful swap!

Last week when I visited Tracy's blog (Tracy organized the Teeny Tiny Square Quilt Swap), I read about the 'Potholder Swap - Wanna Play?'.
Fun! Especially after I found this pattern at Stephanie's Loft Creations. You can put the card in the pouch between the two buttons. A great pattern to make, so of course I had to make another one, but will have to show it later ...

From dear Gaby I received this beautiful AMC-card, together with three very sweet fat quaters. I will be using those in my Leanne's Hose quilt.

And finally, I want to share this Friendship Blessing with you from Lyn:

Friendship is a blessing-
it's the best you have to share.
The talents and the wisdom,
the capacity to care.
It's being there to lend support,
whatever needs arise.
It's making sure that others know,
They're special in your eyes.
Friendship is a blessing -
and to all who have a friend.
It's one of the most precious gifts
That life could ever send.


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Sherri zei

Both yours and Lyn's stitcheries are absolutely gorgeous!!! I have some buttons exactly like the ones Lyn sent you, too! They were in my great-grandmother's button drawer!

Shari zei

Just wonderful to be swapping little lovelies around the world. It keeps us all so connected, whatever the miles in between.

Happy Easter!

blackanna zei

Liebe Simone,
bei Dir ist wieder so viel Schönes zu sehen. Der kleine Angel-Quilt von Dir ist total niedlich! Und Du hast so schöne Sachen geschickt bekommen! Vielen Dank für den Link mit den Topflappen. Die könnte ich auch mal machen :)
Ganz liebe Grüße und Frohe Ostern :)

Cybele's patch zei

What a great swap that was. Both your little gifts are gorgeous. Those Giggle buttons always make me smile.
Happy Easter to you and your family!

Annelies zei

You received and got some wonderful things !
Happy Easter !

Sorrow zei

OH how neat! I love the potholder! what a wonderful idea!
Have a blessed holiday, and thank you!

Guðrún zei

Lyn indeed has a very big heart and the quilt you sent her suits her well. I love both quilts. Happy Easter.

Jackie zei

The piecing on your mini quilt that you sent Lyn is abosolutely perfect! Love the pop of red. Just perfect. Happy Easter to you and your family!

Guute zei

Beautiful presents. And it's always good to have good friends. It's incredible how you can make friends on the internet just by sharing the same hobby.

Micki zei

Your stitching is lovely and you received such beautiful things.

Stephanie zei

Such wonderful gifts sent and received. So glad so see someone using the potholder tutorial. :o)

Happy Easter!

Millie zei

What a great swap and the friendship you have with your swapping friend. Both quilts are just lovely. I just love all the handwork, wish I have more time to do that.
Happy Easter to you and your family!

Dzintra Ingrid zei

Lieve Simone...beautiful presents off Lyn...lucky you!!! Absolutely lovely little mini quilt you stitched for her...I clicked on it to see it is just perfect...especially with the red in it!!! Cool potholder too. And a very meaningful Friendship Blessing...Ar bucin, Dzintra ♥♥♥

Anoniem zei

Hallo Lieve Simone, thank you for the exquisite gifts you sent to me for our swap......and the friendship that has developed between us....MM now has her Angel inside as well as the little birdie......looking forward to next year hopefully we can meet....Hugs Lyn

chrisi zei

wunderschöne Sachen hast du da gemacht und erhalten, mir machen solche Tauschs auch immer sehr viel Spass liebe grüsse


Thank you Simone! The friendship words are so meaningful indeed... I always believe that it's always better to give than to receive...
~Blessed week dear! ;)

Suzie zei

That was a great swap, Simone! I love both of them! The one you stitched for her is so lovely! Stephanie's pattern is a nice and practical one, she is so prolific!
Hope you had a nice Easter!

Nanette Merrill and daughters zei

Lovely lovely things and what a sweet poem.

Anoniem zei

What a lucky girl you are, enjoy your gifts and enjoy making people happy with your gifts. Thank you for the give away-link

Stina zei

Ohhh..Simone.. beautiful swap gifts...:o)
So so nice..:o)

A Spoonful Of Sugar zei

You always seem to be getting the most lovely mail!! Your pot holder looks very bright and cheerful.

Lotusblüte zei

Wunderschöne Dinge haben Dich wieder erreicht liebe Simone und es freut mich, daß Dir die AMC und die Stödffchen gefallen :o)) Eine wundervolle und sonnige Restwoche wünsche ich Dir von ganzen Herzen- ganz liebe Grüße von Gaby

Christine zei

A belated Happy Easter, Simone. Lovely gifts given and received. Is your stichery a Cinderberry Stitches design? Her knees remind me very much of some of the Truly Scrumptious girls I've been doing!

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