donderdag 22 januari 2009

Pink and green

I finished this apron for myself! Shawnee from the apron swap, told me the apron I originally made for the apron swap was perfectly alright. I was glad about it, because I had especially made it for that purpose. I added some small 'think pink' items to it, so it all did look very sassy in the end!

Some of the fabrics I used for the above apron are from Ikea, I bought 7 or so years ago. I made a quilt with them then, which my daughter sleeps underneath if it gets extra cold. So this winter it has been on her bed since December!

Apron detail

This is the beginning of the quilt for the Four season swap. Once again I had a hard time deciding on what I would make. Thanks to the Teeny tiny quare quilt swap I came across the book 'Mini quilts' by Els Feteris and Margo van Strien, of course after I finished the mini quilt. The size of on star square is 8 x 8 cm. I'll be making 15 of them, probably with a small stitchery in the middle.

And then my first 'snow bells' in the garden. They always give me a happy feeling, reminding me that spring is on its way! If you feel like stitching a 'Galanthus nivalis', look on Heikes Quilt. She started a BOM called Heike's Gartenjahr. It is very pretty!

Have a happy day!

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Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries zei

That is a really sassy apron Simone!!! And those snowlbells for you remind me the hot days will be going way too quickly!!!

Christine zei

Oh, your apron is so cool. Love the red and white fabrics. Look forward to seeing your Four Seasons quilt.

evonne zei

Hello Simone, I see you have finished your apron. It is very sassy indeed. The love heart detail adds a lovely touch to it and the colours are very pretty. I love snow bells and they bring back good childhood memories for me. Have a wonderful day. Best Wishes, Evonne xx

Jackie zei

Love the apron and the blocks. I've never seen a snow bell, they look very pretty.

Shari zei

What a really great apron! It's funny to think of fabric from Ikea but why not! The little green stars are adorable. Be sure and post a photo of your snow bell when it opens.

Cybele's patch zei

Grappige schort Simone. Ik zou er bijna een willen maken voor de heb, maar ik draag nooit schorten.
Je groene blokjes zijn erg leuk. En zo'n eerste sneeuwklokje geeft elk jaar opnieuw dat speciale gevoel. Het freezer paper gaat vandaag in de bus.

Sherri zei

I just love your apron!!! And the blocks are great as well!

Stina zei

Ahhh...loved the little Snow" Bell" finally some hope for spring.. most welcome... :o)

Guðrún zei

The hearts on the apron are so cute.

Cybele's patch zei

Just to try if I can leave a comment. I believe I can.

Catherine zei

Very Sassy Apron! That snowbell is so sweet!! Be happy, pring is on its way!! Cathyx

Anoniem zei

What a nice apron, esspecially the hearts . Is spring in the air?

Jutta zei

Hallo liebe Simone,
mir gefällt deine Schürze sehr, sie hat ein ganz besonderes Design, eher unüblich aber unglaublich "poppig" !!!!
Und eure ersten Schneeglöckchen sind schon da ..... hier ist sind Eis und der Schnee seit heute geschmolzen, da werden die ersten Glöckchen bald ihr Näschen ins Freie recken !!!!!
Die Blöckchen für den Swap müssen sicherlich noch gebügelt werden, ja? Schön sehen sie aus.

Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie ein schönes, gemütliches und kreatives Wochenende,
liebe Grüße, Jutta

Lenora zei

Love the apron!

Anoniem zei

your apron is GORGEOUS Simone! love it

Jenny zei

The apron is fabulous! And I love the colours your have chosen for the little tiny star blocks - gorgeous.

Gretchen zei

Love the apron! It is fabulous!!!

Tulsi zei

I LOVE this apron!!

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