maandag 26 januari 2009

Applique and calendar quilt challenge 2009

This is my applique try out. I found out very quickly, which is my favorite. It is the one using freezer paper (bottom bird). It has volume and looks soft. I know the middle one with the vliesofix looks best, but somehow I don't like making the blanket stitch and it looks too perfect. The top one, using Tilda's method looks uneven and is too thick.
I will have to practice on the freezer paper applique, but one has to start sometime!

See, I need some practice ...

Here are the first 25 days of my 2009 calendar quilt. It really is a challenge and becoming very large the way I had planned it. I like the green stripes, bringing some rest in the whole.

On Saturday I received another pin cushion pattern with materials, this time by Leanne's house. This is definitely my favorite one! Four pin cushions in one and I haven't even finished any of the other ones yet. Shame on me. But I guess those are wisps for this year!
In the green thread you can see the pin that goes with every pin cushion package.

And Saturday when I was in Aachen, Germany with my husband, I bought myself this book. It has such wonderful patterns in it. And even if you don't make any of it, looking at all the beautiful things is very much fun too! Very inspiring.

Have a happy day!

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Natasha zei

I think the applique looks good. What is the vliesofix technique? Is that just fusible web?

Handmade by Mai zei

I like your applique, I never tried the Tilda method. OHHH and your pincushion looks great. Why didn't I enter the pincushionclub?

Shari zei

You've had a busy time! The blue birds all look good from here. Hope you include your 'practice' block in a project somewhere. I've never worked with freezer paper before (it's very expensive here) and must admit the vliesofix is my favourite way to applique, although I want to learn needle-turn.

The little pincushions look like a fun project. Enjoy!

Sarah zei

OH OH OH TILDA - what a great looking book - it is very difficult or $$$$ to get Tilda books here.

Oh and I did not know about the calander quilt. Does this mean each day you sew on one strip or????

Your blanket stitching is VERY fine - I am a lot more chunky and lazier than you - it is FINE!!!

Oh and I am the same as you - I have not done ANY of the pin cushions either. Will do as simple small projects when I get through all my BIG ones!

Happy week SImone : o )

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries zei

The pin cushion fabric is just lovely Simone...the Tilda book looks good...I have never seen one before. Everything looks great...Happy Appliqueing!!!

Suzie zei

They all look good Simone! I like needle turn, but freezer paper is a nice method. The pincushions are pretty, I should make them for my collection!!! Tilda's books are always a pleasure, so many lovely things, everything is sweet!

Jo in TAS zei

Simone your needle turn looks great for your first try, mine is still terrible in comparison!
I wish they'd print all of Tilda's books in english too, they are so scrumptious to look through!!
Happy Stitching!!

Cybele's patch zei

You did well Simone. I agree that the third bird looks best. Didn't you forget to take the paper out? Your calender looks stunning. It will be huge I suppose. Is it going to be a roll? I am not really a Tilda fan but I love Leanne's pincushions. They look so sweet.

Jackie zei

I like the third bird the best too. The pin cushions all look so cute!

bluebird-lyn zei

Hi Simone, with applique I use a Starch Method which works well for me.I am learning with my Dear Jane Quilt.Love the pincushion pattern. Warm Regards Lyn

clare zei

Yes you have been a busy girl . Have fun with all those lovely pincushions .
Clares Craftroom

ana maria zei

nice work
beautiful book
I put pif
Happy stitching

Jutta zei

Liebe Simone, guten Morgen,
auf deine Applikationsversuche kannst du stolz sein, alle 3 sind dir sehr gut gelungen.
Dein Streifen-Top soll noch länger werden, wo kann ich nachlesen um zu verstehen?
Oh, und die Nadelkissen sehen sehr vielversprechend aus, du wirst sie bestimmt bald fertig haben.

Hab einen schönen Tag, deine Jutta (die auch alles von Tilda mag ;-)

Jantine zei

Oh die speldenkussens, zo mooi, waar heb je dat pakketje vandaan?

Guðrún zei

Yes the bottom bird is looking best and you don´t have to practice more it is perfect.

Christine zei

Good idea to try out the different types of applique. I agree with Gudrun ... it looks very good.
Pincushion pattern looks lovely ... I've admired it on a few blogs. Hope it's eventually available for non-members to purchase.
Enjoy your Tilda book ... I love reading mine.

Leanne zei

I am with you on the needle turn I like freezer paper also.

evonne zei

Hello Simone, I too like the freezer paper method and I think you have done a pretty good job for your first attempt. Your pincushion pack looks so yummy and I can't wait to see it made up. Best Wishes, Evonne xx

Linda zei

oh I am sooo jealous of the Tilda book it is gorgeous!!! I agree My Leanne's House Pin cushion is definately my favourite too! it's beautiful

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