woensdag 7 januari 2009

Gorgeous Giggle buttons, my first Opam challenge project and some free BOMs

A while ago I won Sonya's giveaway at Giggle Buttons. And today it arrived, together with the Australian magazine Handmade. Sonya's pattern that goes with these buttons is in it. One more project for my Opam challenge!
The buttons are beautiful. They are made from porcelain so they are very sturdy and hard wearing, you can wash them in the washing machine, they will not break, and will not fade in colour. They are very very pretty and make you smile (O:

These are a few of the many projects I want to finish this year.

With the fabric on the right I made my first project. An apron. The first apron I ever made. I had planned it differently, but the red fabric is very stiff (even after machine washing), so I was unable to gather it evenly. It looks very squarish on the picture, but if you put it on it's very nice!

I made this apron for Kathy, from Pink Chalk Fabrics, who send me my first fabric order from abroad. Since it didn't arrive after 6 weeks, she send it again. That package took only one week. Finally after about 12 weeks, the first package arrived. I wanted to pay Kathy for the extra order, but she wouldn't let me. So, I don't know why I decided on making an apron and not something else, but it was the first thing that came into my mind.

While I was blogging, I found several new and free BOMs:
2. Guute's Design Mystery BOM 2009 at Mijn Quilthoekje, which Mai mentioned on her blog
3. Once upon a time at Capricorn quilts.
Unbelievable, all the good things all those wonderful people design!
4. I just found another free BOM. I love Gail Pan's patterns. They make me happy. So please check it out.
5. And check out Bunny Hill Designs' free BOM. She has a very cute miniature quilt too.

15 opmerkingen:

Sherri zei

Your apron is great! Oh, and did you see the free BOM from Gail Pan...just saw it last night!

Cybele's patch zei

Wat zijn die knoopjes leuk. Het schortje ziet er wel lief en oer hollands uit.

Sarah zei

HI Simone! WOW you have been so busy and productive.

I am going to do Gails as well (grin)...

Bev C zei

Love your apron, thanks for letting us know about the BOM's we certainly have plenty of work ahead of us don't we. Happy days.

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries zei

I can't believe the generosity of these girls...you can never be bored in blogland!!! Cool aprons Simone...I reckon you can never have too many!!!

maria zei

Lucky you for winning the give-away. I've not won one yet.
It was good of Kathy to re-send the fabric, I'm sure she will be very pleased with the apron.
I have not received a parcel that I have supposedly been sent as part of a swap back in October so to hear that your parcel arrived after 12 weeks gives me hope that it may arrive one day!

Christine zei

Love Kathy's apron ... red and white are great together. I'm a fan of Giggle Buttons too.

Annelies zei

Thank you for visiting my blog, because now I found yours. I love it very much and you will certainly find me here more often.
Enjoy your weekend !

Guðrún zei

The apron is beautiful, especially the tulips.

Anoniem zei

oooh I love your apron it's stunning! and thank you for the free BOMs I am off to check them out, they sound lovely

Suzie zei

What a great parcel from Sonya, so many lovely gifts! The apron is cute, I love red polka dots. Like you I also hope to get some small projects finished! Let's get to the sewing machine!

Anoniem zei

The apron looks great. And I don't know which BOM I will choice, I WANT TO MAKE THEM ALL, BUT I DON'T HAVE THE TIME FOR IT.Choices, always choices. Talk to you later.

Anoniem zei

Sonja from Giggle Button is lovely, she does all the craft shows in australia and the Buttons are very cute and well made.


Nanette Merrill and daughters zei

The apron couldn't be more wonderful. I'm sure she loves it.

Jackie zei

How nice of you to send an apron for the lost order. The buttons are lovely too.

I love your teeny tiny squares quilt. Those blocks look really, really small!

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