zondag 25 januari 2009

Blog change

As you see, today I changed the layout of my blog. I went from two to three columns, trying to get it better organized for myself (I could do this thanks to my sweet husband, who was willing to put his time into figuring out how to do this!). Due to this change, I can 'only' choose out of 75 backgrounds, not liking many of them. I compromised with this one, but am not quite happy with it. I will have to spend some more time on it one of these days and who knows, blogger might have some new backgrounds soon.

So no picture today. I did start my applique try outs, thanks to Jos from Cybele's Patch, who was so kind as to send me some freezer paper, so that I could try before I buy (in the Netherlands we have a programm Try before you die ...). I'm trying three methods, one with freezer paper, as you might have guessed, one the way Tilda appliques and one with the button hole stich (by hand). I will show the results soon.
I am doing this 'try out' because applique is not really my thing and I am trying to figure out which one suits me best and looks best for me. Then I might start the challenge A Tisket a Tasket Bunny Hill Basket.

Have a happy day!

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Cybele's patch zei

I'm really waiting for some results ;-) Wise that you changed your blog into 3 columns. There is much more room for pictures and buttons. The pink looks nice but I have the feeling that it is not "your color pink".

Sherri zei

I love your new three-column blog...I've been thinking about doing the same...but I'd rather spend the time sewing! Like you, I've been trying to do better at applique' and have tried several methods. I can't wait to start the Tisket a Tasket blocks...just haven't decided on fabrics!

Satu zei

Hei Simone,
I have too just "recently found" applique... And tried all three method (with englishpaper, freezerpaper and buttonhole stitch). I don't know yet which one of is my favorite... It depends on your pattern... I'm sure you'll spend many lovely moments with A Tisket...

Amanda zei

Like the new blog layout, but I agree with you about the background. I couldn't get on with needle turn applique - I fear I didn't try all that hard either - and much prefer the appearance of hand button hole stitch, I like the added texture it gives. I've tried freezer paper underneath and that works quite well too, though I haven't had much success with freezer paper on top. I look forward to seeing what you end up with.

Gretchen zei

Your blog looks great! Some day I will work on mine and get some fancy borders too. I hope you start the Bunny Hill block. I have mine printed out and need to get busy before the next one is up!

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries zei

Hey Simone...love the new look...all pretty and pink!!! Have fun sorting out which applique you will do...I am just about finished ironing all mine on...ready for blanket stitch (for the table runner)...Happy Appliqueing to you!!!

Suzie zei

I like your new background! I would like to change mine too, but I have no "assistant" at the moment! I wish you good luck in trying which way works best for you. I enjoy appliqué and I hope soon you will too!

Jutta zei

Mir gefällt dein neuer Look, 3 Spalten ..... wow ..... viel Erfolg mit deinen ersten Applikationsversuchen, es klappt bestimmt !!!!
Liebe Grüße, deine Jutta, die dir heute Abend eine e-Mail schreibt ....

Stina zei

I like your new pink and brown home... :o)

Anoniem zei

Love your background

Christine zei

I found some instructions for changing to a 3 column blog. Was tempted but not ready to give up 'our' background yet! The pink and brown is nice and I think 3 columns makes organising easier/neater.

evonne zei

Hello Simone, I think your blog looks better with the 3 columns. It is fun changing your blog every now and then. Hopefully you will find a background that is just right!! Best Wishes, Evonne xx

evonne zei

Sorry, I forgot to say that I can't believe you are taking on ANOTHER challenge even though the Bunny Hill one is just gorgeous!!! I am really happy that you are enjoying the swaps and challenges. Best Wishes, Evonne xx

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