zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

Finished Quilt (the first one this year) and Silly Bunny

A close up

I finished the first out of two quilts I planned to finish before I allow myself to make a new top for a big quilt. I quilted it on the sewing machine and am quite satisfied. Happy I finally finished it.

I also added a picture of one of the Silly Bunnies I made from a pattern by Melly & Me. She loves the warmth of the new quilt. Her friend is upstairs in my daughters room. The fabrics were in a package from Aren't the colors just wonderful =) I really enjoyed making them.

2 opmerkingen:

GS zei

Hoi Simone,

Je maakt leuke dingen. Waar kan ik de patronen krijgen?


Anoniem zei

Hello Simone, Your silly bunny is just adorable! Thanks so much for letting us know and we hope you really enjoyed making them both =]

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