zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

I have some more Lynette Anderson stitcheries!

Let peace fill your home

It's Christmas time

Since Christmas will be sooner than later, I started to look what projects I didn't finish last year. And guess what. I found another Lynette Anderson pattern: Magical Christmas Stitching. I'm richer than I thought. As you can see, I completed two parts, one is almost ready and then there is "I love Santa" to go and the gorgeous borders! I find the borders the best part of this quilt!

Hope I'll finish this quilt before Christmas!

2 opmerkingen:

Lynette Anderson zei

You have time to get this done before Christmas and its so cute when its finished. happy stitching
Lynette x

Flöckchen zei

Ohhh sind die schön - Du zeigst uns doch bestimmt auch das fertige Projekt oder?

Liebe Grüße

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