zondag 1 april 2012

Nothing crafty but amazing

On Wednesday, when Ger came home, we immediately put on our hiking shoes, to take a walk to Strijthagen, a region not so far away from here, but where we hadn't been for many many years.

Toen Ger woensdag thuis kwam, hebben we direct onze wandelschoenen aangedaan en zijn we naar Strijthagen gewandeld, een gebied dat niet zo ver weg ligt, maar waar we al jaren niet waren geweest. 

Chapel for the mine workers who died while working in the mines.
Gedachteniskapel van de Mijnwerkers.

Stork nests

 Love the reflection in this photo.
Prachtige weerspiegeling.

More reflection
Nog meer weerspiegeling 

Strijthagermolen - A water mill

Ger and I couldn't believe our eyes, when we saw a stork flying over us.
Ger en ik konden onze ogen niet geloven, toen we een ooievaar zagen overvliegen. 

It landed and started to collect branches.
Eenmaal geland, ging die op zoek naar takjes. 

Flying away

When I looked up after taking the picture, the squirrel was gone.
Toen ik na het maken van de foto omhoog keek, was het eekhoorntje weg.

I can hardly believe we have not visited this beautiful part of our country that is so nearby, for such a long time. Soon we will be going there again! So much to see and so peaceful.

Ik kan het bijna niet geloven, dat we dit prachtig deel van Nederland, dat zo dichtbij ons ligt, zo lang niet hebben bezocht. Eerdaags gaan we weer die kant uit! Er is er zo veel te zien en het is er zo rustig!

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."
- Khalil Gibran -

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Sue zei

Boy, those are some gorgeous photos. It really does look like a peaceful and calm place.

Sharon zei

Such a beautiful place, Simone! I've never seen a stork, so that was really interesting and all those nests, too!

Jackie zei

You always find the most beautiful places to walk!

Ulla zei

Great photos and a beautiful place! I can't believe how warm your weather already is. It is snowing as I write this!

Satu zei

Lovely walking route... and the scenery looks so green there!!! The moments like you had are treasures of life ;o)

Terry zei

What a lovely place to visit! I didn't know you had Canada geese over there.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

What a great walk Simone you had with Ger...how far is this from where you are...Amazing to see that stork nest...I've never seen one before! Hope you have a wonderful week xoxo

hetty zei

Wonderful photos! Love the stork pics. I have never seen a stork nest in a tree. Whenever we went to Germany, I looked forward to seeing a stork's nest on a building or gate entrance into the town. This is so much more natural. Surprised to see the Canada geese and the male mallard duck. I wasn't aware that you had those in Holland.

KaHolly zei

What a beautiful area! Those stork nests are really something, perched so precariously atop those trees! It's difficult to imagine such a large bird nesting there and not be in danger of tumbling down.

Sarah zei

WOW all this is beautiful!

Stork nest - I had to show the boys the picture. We could not believe the storks plus family could live in those nest so high up!

Just-Do zei

Het enige wat ik kan zeggen: Wie schoen us Limburg is!

Tracy zei

LOVED this walk along with you, Simone! So wonderful to see the tenderness of spring unfolding where you are. It looks much the same here, too. :o) I love squirrels, and miss seeing them as we don't have many where we are currently. It was a beautiful weekend here too. Today I am still drinking in an art exhibit experience from yesterday, Sunday, which I hope to share about next week. Viewing art is such an emotional experience, it takes me a few days to absorb it all. ;o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

Stephanie zei

I think hiking in a place as gorgeous as that is good for the soul. The stork against the sky is amazing and that color of sky is only something Mother Nature can provide. Impossible to replicate in with paint.

Nanette Merrill zei

You live in a beautiful place. I loved the photos of the houses. I'm always interested in the homes of others.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny zei

Gorgeous photos, Simone. That squirrel is so interesting... his ears are so much longer than those of the squirrels we have here.

retdairyqueen zei

Lovely photos Great place for a walk

the cuby poet zei

I wandered here from KaHolly and discovered this is a lovely blog. The photos are most interesting of a beautiful part of your country. Do pop by my blog when you have time.

Grethe zei

Amazing pictures! Love the all,and especially the stork ones:-) Enjoy your Easter holidays,Simone!

Carrie P. zei

Oh,it is a very beautiful place you live in. I am so fascinated with those stork nests and then you got to see one. So cool!

Bev C zei

Hello Simone,

Thank you, thank you for the beautiful photo's. Can't believe how the Storks make there nests. They must be so strong.

Happy days.

Happy Easter too.

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