zondag 11 maart 2012

Make a guess ~ raden maar

Today I have been working on a new project for a friend of mine. I would like you to guess what I am working on. If your guess is correct, you have a chance to win this pattern.
Hints: it's not straight forward. I have made quite some projects by this designer. And if you know me, you know I love her patterns.
I hope to be able to show you the finished project by Wednesday. That day I will also announce the winner.
 * For those of you who cannot leave behind a comment, you can also email me.*

Vandaag heb ik aan een nieuw project voor een vriendin gewerkt. Als je kunt raden wat ik aan het maken ben en je hebt goed geraden, dan maak je kans het patroon te winnen.
Hints: het is niet rechttoe rechtaan. Ik heb al meerdere projecten van deze ontwerpster gemaakt. En als je me een beetje kent, dan weet je, dat ik een grote fan ben van haar patronen.
Ik hoop het project kant en klaar op woensdag te laten zien en zal dan ook de winnaar bekend maken.
 * Voor hen die geen comment kunnen achterlaten, jullie mogen ook mailen.*

Good  luck!!

21 opmerkingen:

Terri zei

I'm guessing it is going to be a bag - on the style of Stephanie of Loft Creations? We all love her bags.
Love your colors!

Sharon zei

Haha!! I have no idea!! But I know I'll like whatever it is. :)

Lynn zei

Definitely something terrific, I love the fabrics. And probably a new tote from Stephanie?

Herzblatt zei

A bag!! A lovely bag!! I am very keen on watching the ready bag!! Or am I wrong??????????
Hopefully not..:-))
Best wishes

Gill zei

Oh dear everyone seems to think it's a bag!! could it be a doll quilt? or is it a bag???

Jackie zei

It looks like an All About Anna bag from Loft Creations. Beautiful fabrics you've selected!

Solstitches zei

I know you love to make bags and I also know you are a big fan of Stephanie's designs.
It looks like her new design All About Anna.
Love the fabrics you have chosen.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

Oh Simone this fabric is perfect...I have not seen red paisley...Perhaps a bag???? Whatever it will be will be lovely...xooxo

A Spoonful Of Sugar zei

Love the fabric Simone! It looks to me like a crochet hook organizer, with all the strips as small pockets. Can't wait for the reveal:)

Sarah zei

Cannot guess... but LOVE the colours!!!

Liz zei

I would have to say a bag too. I like the colour combo, think I have a similar range in my stash. Must be the same fabric designer. I'm sure your friend will love it.

hetty zei

I have no idea. It could be a bag because you love to make them. And you love Stephanie's patterns, so I am going to say a new bag from one of Stephanie's patterns. But I must admit that the other commentors gave me clues.

Cattinka zei

Also ich glaub das wird wieder eine wunderschöne Tasche!

Terry zei

I'm guessing it's a bag from one of Stephanie's patterns! It's going to be just lovely! :0)

Cybele's patch zei

Het wordt vast een van Stephanie's tassen. En wat helemaal super dat je dat in Wiscasset stofjes doet. Niet helemaal jouw stijl maar zooo verschrikkelijk mooi!

Tracy zei

I was thinking bag too... but I'm no good guessing such things. Just love the fabrics in whatever it is you're working on, Simone. Great piece and pattern. Happy Week :o) ((HUGS))

Satu zei

I know you love Stephanie's gorgeous bag patterns ;o) First I thought it would be West ling, but then I remembered her new pattern All about Anna! And your fabrics are fabulous!

Anoniem zei

Een tas van Stephanie! Mooie stofjes heb je gebruikt.

Rena zei

Oh je liebe Simone ,
das sieht wunderschön aus , du hast wieder fantastische Stoffe ausgewählt .
Aber was wird es werden ? Ich schliesse mich einfach mal an und tippe auf eine zauberhafte Tasche ;o))


Notjustnat zei

I have no idea, but like the red paisley with blue. Gorgeous mixed of fabric. Will be waiting for the result - hugs Nat

Houseelf zei

I know this one so I wont make a guess. :-) It is looking lovely though.

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