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This and that and Heerlen

This week I joined the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt I told you about in my last post. It was lots of fun to make this block and for the first time I have cut into a jelly roll. It wasn't that bad.
Look here to see more results.

Deze week ben ik begonnen met de Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt. Erg leuk om te doen. Het is de eerste keer dat ik in een jelly roll gesneden heb. Het viel gelukkig mee.
Klik hier voor meer resultaten.

Quite a few of you asked me about the Jelly Roll Ruler. This ruler had the clear width of a jelly roll, honey bun and half a cake layer. So you don't have to search for the inches. It is clearly marked on the ruler. Very easy. I loved to use it for my jelly roll and it will be easy to work with it on my cake layers! You can get it here.

Een paar mensen hebben mij naar de Jelly Roll Ruler gevraagd. Deze liniaal geeft duidelijk de breedte aan van een jelly roll, honey bun en de helft van een cake layer. Zo hoef je nooit op zoek te gaan. Heel handig en heel duidelijk. Hier kun je het krijgen.

I made these blocks for Quilts For Hearts, that Robyn mentioned on her blog . If I have more time, I will make some more.

Deze twee blokken heb ik voor Quilts For Hearts gemaakt. Robyn had dit op haar blog staan. Wanneer ik weer eens tijd heb, zal ik er zeker nog een paar maken.

I made three more pillowcases for the project I described here. I decided to make some more, because the shipping costs have become even higher since this year. It is worth more to send 8 pillowcases for the money, than only 5. And that way I hope to make 3 more children happy!

Ik heb nog 3 kussenslopen gemaakt voor het project dat ik hier heb omschreven. Ik heb er nog een paar bijgemaakt omdat de verzendkosten buiten Europa weer eens aardig gestegen zijn. Zo kan ik hopelijk nog eens 3 kinderen blij maken.

On Friday Jos came over to fetch the first 'international' Dromenquilt (O: I called it 'wereldreis' - world trip and on the little card I mentioned where all the blocks came from.

Op vrijdag is Jos de 'internationale' Dromenquilt komen halen (O: Ik heb de quilt 'wereldreis' genoemd en op het kaartje staat waar alle blokken vandaan komen.

Each morning Bibi and I take our early morning walk (O: It's so good to have her, because alone I don't think I would do it.

Iedere ochtend neemt Bibi mij mee voor de ochtendwandeling (O: Zonder haar zou ik nooit iedere ochtend gaan wandelen.

I have lived in Heerlen since 1978. It has never been my favorite city to live in. Lots of problems here and many characteristical old buildings have been broken down.
But, now I have decided to look at Heerlen in a different way. To see the beautiful side of it.
This week I came across these trees when Bibi and I took our walk. Look at all the mistletoe!

Sinds 1978 woon ik in Heerlen. Het is nooit mijn stad geworden. Veel problemen en veel mooie oude gebouwen worden afgebroken.
Ik heb besloten om Heerlen eens met andere ogen te gaan bekijken. Kijk eens naar de bomen die ik tegenkwam tijdens een van mijn wandelingen. De maretak groeit heel veel hier.

If you look closely or click on the picture, you can see a sheep standing next to a tree that broke down during the storm last Sunday. It was also filled with mistletoe.

Als je goed kijkt, of op de foto klikt, kun je een schaap zien naast een omgewaaide fruitboom. De boom, die volgegroeid was met maretak, is tijdens de storm van afgelopen zondag omgewaaid.

During my walks, I regularly come across old homes. Look at the lovely doors.

Tijdens mijn wandelingen kom ik regelmatig langs oude woningen. Kijk eens naar de prachtige deuren.

Look at the glass around the door.

Hier is de deur omringd door glas-en-lood.

Laura was finally home again, after 4 weeks. Look who else is happy (O: As soon as Laura sits down somewhere, Bibi joins her. They have had this ever since we had Bibi as a pup. Laura used to 'use' her as a pillow when she was reading. Bibi only does this with Laura!

Na vier weken is Laura eindelijk weer thuis. Kijk eens wie er nog meer blij was (O: Zodra Laura ergens een lekker plekje gevonden heeft, gaat Bibi bij haar zitten. Dit doen ze al sinds wij Bibi als pup hebben. Vroeger gebruikte Laura Bibi als kussen terwijl ze aan het lezen was. Bibi doet dit allemaal alleen met Laura!

"You cannot raise a man up by calling him down."

- William Boetcker

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Stephanie zei

Bibi looks quite happy! I love seeing the old doors. Thank you for sharing your walk. Great pillowcases too. I have 2 more to make then off to the post office. Yes, shipping costs have risen terribly. I've never heard of the jelly roll ruler. I do have one jelly roll of solids but not sure how I want to use it yet.

Anoniem zei

Hia Simone just got in from a sunny 5C walk with our hounds in Ruff Wood. :-) I think they are coming out of hibernation and enjoying themselves again. They hate the we and cold and hold me personally responsible for the weather! LOL

Great blocks! I bought my 1st Jelly Roll with the money my patched Pumpkin friends gave me in a voucher- Boutique! So I was interested in your ruler and block quilt.

Lovely other blocks you made. It must be so lovely to have your daughter home for a while. Our next school hols begins on the 26th.

Jackie zei

Bibi looks thrilled that Laura is home! Laura looks happy to see her too.

The jelly roll quilt is cute. It's a really interesting quilt a long. Your blocks made with the x's on o's fabric are wonderful - makes me think there is a hug and a kiss in the quilt!

Grethe zei

What a good idea with that special ruler.I will check if it can be bought here in Oslo,before I order it from somewhere else.Always enjoing you blog;Happy Quilting:-).

Cybele's patch zei

Bibi is een lief hondje. Ik geloof dat ik wat Bibi betreft over mijn angst heen ben. Het was leuk je van de week weer even te zien! Flink van je dat je Heerlen met andere ogen gaat bekijken. Zou ik ook eens moeten doen. Maar ja, ik ben Kerkraadse ;-)

Amanda zei

You've been very busy with lots of lovely 'bits and bobs'. It's not always easy to see the good side of something when there's a lot of negative things pushing themselves in your face, but you've found some lovely things to enjoy in your home town.

Herzblatt zei

Your block for the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt is great...I love the colours!!!
Bibi is so sweet.....sometimes, when I see pictures like that,I feel so sad not having Ronja any more....
But my husband and I walk the same way we walked with her now nearly every day.....In memory and for our health!
Best wishes

Terry zei

Your jelly roll block looks great Simone! Love the pictures of your town too. I think it's always good to look for the nice things around us. Love the pictures of Bibi too! :0)

Pat zei

I enjoyed seeing your photos. I didn't know about that ruler. (I am doing the jelly roll sew-along, too.) I hope that sheep didn't eat the mistletoe as it is quite poisonous.

Bev C zei

Hello Simone, Loved going on your walk with you. Glad to see the photo of Laura and Bibi they do look at home together. Enjoy your time with Laura. Glad to see the quilt is off to a new home. Have a wonderful day.

Dolores zei

There is beauty to be found if one only looks. It's so nice that Laura and Bibi have a special relationship.

ria vogelzang zei

What a lovely picture from Laura and Bibi!!
Love all of your pictures!! Great jelly-roll-block!
Good luck in looking at Heerlen in a fresh, new way!
Fijne dag!

Daniëlle zei

One girl and her dog!! Just be glad Bibi is not a Great Deen hihi! Your jelly block turned out lovely!! I have printed the patterns for the QH blocks and will try to make a few blocks! When you dón't have any plans to move, you decision of seeing the twon with a fresh pair of eyes is the right one! And soon things will even look better with a bit of sunshine!! Mooie dag verder! Groeten, Daniëlle

Satu zei

Dear Simone, it was nice to 'walk' with you and Bibi. How adorable doggie she is!

Micki zei

I love your blocks! It was lovely to see Laura in a pic, and Bibi is just thrilled to be with her. How sweet that is! So glad that all of you were so happy!

Diana / QF Quiltbuffy zei

Hallo Simone,
Du warst mal wieder richtig fleißig...
tolle Sachen die Du uns da zeigst

Jantine zei

Wat een inzet, je eigen gevoel gewoon ondermijnen en veranderen met prachtige foto's van inderdaad een prachtige omgeving!

Notjustnat zei

Nice post Simone. I like how you are looking for beauty in your neighborhood. There are beauty all around us if we are looking for them. Glad Laura is home - Hugs Nat

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

Sveiks Simone...how lovely to see all your beautiful work...as always you have been very busy...Laura and Bibi look so at home together...I really enjoyed looking around Heerlen!!! How good to look at your area in another way♥x

Sinta Renee zei

Your JR Sampler block is so sweet! You have been so busy with lots of different projects! It's a good thing that Bibi takes you out for walks sometimes! I love the doors!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) zei

Hi Simone,

Your jelly roll block looks really good. I loved going along on the walk with you and Bibi. Its always good to find the beauty in the place you are :)
Looks like Bibi and Laura are very happy to be reunited as i know you would be too :)
Lots of hugs, Sharon

A Spoonful Of Sugar zei

Thanks for the tour of your city! The Jelly Roll ruler looks like a clever design - less room for error when cutting. Have a great weekend, Lisa

Guðrún zei

Thanks for showing us pictures from your walk. My dog only allowed my daughter to use him as a bed.

Jutta...stoffundnadel... zei

Liebe Simone,

endlich komme ich dazu, dein letztes Posting ausgiebig zu bewundern.
Ich schwanke hin und her, ob ich nicht auch den Jelly Roll Sampler mitnähen sollte, Jelly Streifen hätte ich ja genügend, aaaach, wie verführerisch ist dein erster Block geworden. Ich überlege es mir noch.

Deine Fotos von Heerlen gefallen mir sehr gut, die schönen alten Türen sehen aus wie in guten Londoner Vororten, toll. Auch deine Naturfotos gefallen mir, es ist wirklich an der Zeit, dass du dich mit deinem Wohnort anfreundest und die schönen Seiten bewusst siehst !!!!!!

Das Foto von Laura und Bibi ist so hübsch, Laura sieht darauf gaaaaanz jung aus.

Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie einen schönen Samstagabend, herzliche Grüße, deine Jutta

https://aquiltlady.blogspot.com zei

Thanks for info about the Jelly Roll ruler, I have ordered it,and a Charm Pack. Super!
Happy Quilting from GrannyGrethe.

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