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24 weeks later - 24th zakka project

This is the last zakka project in the book. I can hardly believe 24 weeks have passed so fast. And, I have actually made it up to the end, made all 24 projects, won a gift certificate from Fabricworms and a Aurifill Thread Sampler (o:
If you want to get inspired and enjoy working with linen, I would recommend the book Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman-Hale. BEWARE: if you are a beginner or even a confident beginner and depend on the directions in the book, I would definitely NOT recommend this book. Measurements are wrong, there are few pictures that can help you understand the directions and I must confess, some of the patterns were abracadabra to me. But, if you have lots of experience and keep in mind that maybe you should not hold onto the pattern, then, this is a great book!

Dit is het laatste zakka project uit het boek Zakka Style. Ik kan het nauwelijks geloven. 24 weken lang heb ik iedere week een project gemaakt. Daarbij heb ik ook nog een cadeaubon bij Fabricworms gewonnen en een Thread Sampler van Aurifill (o:
Wanneer je voor kleinere projecten geïnspireerd wil worden en van linnen houdt, dan raad ik dit boek zeker aan. MAAR  LET  OP: ben je een beginner bent of geheel afhankelijk van de aanwijzingen van een patroon, dan zou ik dit boek zeker NIET aanraden! Afmetingen kloppen vaak niet, er zijn maar weinig tekeningen of foto's die je verder kunnen helpen en ik moet eerlijk zeggen, dat sommige patronen echt abracadabra voor mij waren. Maar heb je veel ervaring en kun je gemakkelijk afwijken van een patroon, dan is dit boek zeker voor jou.

This last pattern was an example of an abracadabra pattern. I wanted to follow the directions, but I had no clue, why the lining had to be cut so big, how I would fix everything together once I had the front-batting-lining sewn together on bottom and sides. So, after unpicking a few times I decided to work out my own way and that went perfectly fine. 
I didn't make the biggest box, since I thought the middle one was quite big already. I made the small box like the bread basket. It turned out fine, but I think it was too much work for the result. I used thicker batting on that one too and that keeps up the basker much better!
In the future I will show all the zakka projects over the last 24 weeks. I want to thank Lindsey for organizing this wonderful sew along, and finding some very special people to give their tips on the patterns and their versions. I also want to thank Debbie, who frequently kept me going and who inspired me often and The Patchsmith for her great tips, versions and views on the project!

Het laatste patroon was een voorbeeld van een abracadabra patroon. Ik heb in eerste instantie de aanwijzingen gevolgd. Maar, hoe krijg je een doosje, als je eerst de bodem en de zijkanten van de voorkant, batting en binnenkant aan elkaar naait. Hoe bevestig je deze dan aan de bodem? En waarom moet de binnenkant zoveel groter gesneden worden. Na een paar keer uithalen, ben ik maar mijn eigen weg gegaan en dat lukte heel goed. Het kleine bakje heb ik gemaakt zoals het broodmandje, maar ik vond dat erg veel werk voor het resultaat. Belangrijk is wel, dat de batting dik is. Dat heb ik in de kleinere versie gebruikt en zo blijft het veel beter staan. 
Eerdaags zal ik al mijn zakka projecten laten zien. Hierbij wil ik wel alvast Lindsey bedanken, voor het organisere van deze geweldige sew along en voor het vinden van mensen die hun tips en versie lieten zien van een project. Ook wil ik Debbie bedanken, die mij vaak heeft aangemoedigd en The Patchsmith, voor haar goede tips, versies en visie op projecten. 

From the inside
Van binnen

These are the fabrics I will use for my next challenge: The Mod Pop Quilt. Waiting for the templates now, to get started.

Dit zijn de stofjes die ik ga gebruiken voor mijn volgende uitdaging: The Mod Pop Quilt. Nu is het wachten op de templates.

In my next post I will tell you more about the Craft Olympics (scroll all the way down) I have joined, that Melanie organized. I have five challenging projects, but they are changing constantly.

In mijn volgende post zal ik meer vertellen over de Craft Olympics (helemaal naar beneden scrollen), die Melanie heeft georganiseerd. Ik heb 5 uitdagingen in mijn hoofd, maar die wisselen nog regelmatig. 

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Jackie zei

Congratulations! You kept up very well with a very challenging goal. I had no idea the book was so short of actual accurate details on actual construction.

I'm really interested in seeing your Craft Olympics and what 5 disciplines you're choosing!

Ulla zei

Congratulations on finishing all the projects! Obviously the patterns were not tested, and it is too bad they caused you so much trouble. Anyway, your results have been lovely every week.

Satu zei

I'm happy with you that you made all zakka book projects. They were all so pretty and it's very obvious that zakka style is your thing ;o)

Amanda zei

Well done on finishing. I wish I'd discovered this challenge sooner, I'd have enjoyed joining in. But I have made a few projects from the book, and found the blog posts on them very helpful. Lots of luck with the new challenge, it's a lovely pattern.

Theresa zei

Lovely baskets Simone - you've done brilliantly to make everything in the book. I really like the fabrics that you've chosen for the quilt a long.

KaHolly zei

Well done!! You should be very proud of yourself!! And all the projects are wonderful. Love these boxes!

Debbie zei

awww. Thanks for the shout-out. I've so enjoyed our sharing about projects back & forth! So glad we are in the Mod Pop together!

Meanwhile your boxes are darling. Glad you made it work!!

Stephanie zei

I admire you for sticking with the projects. I love your nesting boxes. It is a bummer when directions are so screwy you can't understand them. Wonder if these projects were tested before being published? I think linen is a wonderful material to work with.

hetty zei

Beautiful nesting boxes! I have really enjoyed your Zakka projects. And I love the fabrics you have chosen for the Mod Pop Quilt. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt. Can't wait to see your Craft Olympics projects.

Nat Palaskas zei

Congratulations Simone. All your pieces for this project are stunning. I admired you for sticking to it - thanks for your inspirations - Hugs Nat

Amy DeCesare zei

Wonderful to have met you through this sew along, and I've really enjoyed seeing your zakka projects!

Terry zei

Has it really been 24 weeks already? I've enjoyed seeing all your projects! And I love the fabrics you've chosen for your next challenge! It's going to be beautiful! :0)

Tracy zei

BIG CONGRATS on an amazing finish, Simone--well done! It has been such fun to follow along with you and seeing the results. I admire how you made big changes along the way, and adapted the patterns for yourself. These two fabric baskets/boxes are so pretty! LOVE the selection of fabrics for your Mob Pop Quilt challenge. And can't wait to see what you'll do for the Olympics! Happy crafting, my friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

Oh no Simone I have recently bought this book after seeing your lovely work...I haven't really studied the patterns...gulp, I hope I can understand them when I come to it!

Cybele's patch zei

Chapeau voor het volhouder! Knap hoor dat je ondanks alles bent doorgegaan. Nu ben ik heel benieuwd naar je volgende project.

Nanette Merrill zei

I love the fabric you chose. They turned out lovely. I know what you mean, though. The Ever Kelly printed houses patterns are like that. NOT for beginner that can't figure things out alone.

Houseelf zei

Big congratulations Simone! What an undertaking to make so many from a book where the patterns hadn't been tested properly. I think it is a bit of a cheek to sell something which hasn't been road tested but that is my personal opinion.

I've used Buckram as an interlining when I have wanted a stiff result rather than warm and natural, for an almost floppy one.

Just-Do zei

Wow, knap gedaan hoor; al die verschillende projecten. Deze doosjes zien er ook weer zo leuk uit en volgens mij ook heel handig in gebruik. Wat je beschrijft over aanwijzingen die wel of niet duidelijk zijn of kloppen, dat herken ik wel. Maar ik denk ook dat als je al heel veel ervaring hebt, je ook je eigen manieren hebt om dingen te doen; dan zijn aanwijzingen vaak alleen maar verwarrend.

The Patchsmith zei

Oh my goodness - I just love those boxes. The house fabric is so sweet. It has been a bit of a trek along the Zakka trail but we have learned so much and made such good friends - it was worth every step.

Guðrún zei

I love the fabrics you are going to use for your next quilt.

O'faigh zei

Hello Simone, congratulations...no mean feat....your workmanship is superb...Hugs O'faigh

Suzie zei

I can see how much fun you had working with linen! Everything is just beautiful!

Stoff und Nadel ..... Jutta's Blog zei

Liebe Simone,
wie schade, dass du nun alle Zakka-Projekte beendet hast, ich habe die Fotos dieser hübschen kleinen Sachen sehr gemocht! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, dass du durchgehalten hast.
Die Stoffe für dein neues Projekt sehen sehr harmonisch aus, ich bin gespannt.
Herzliche Grüße aus Berlin, deine Jutta

Carrie P. zei

Well, Simone, I am very proud of you. I think it is amazing that you stuck with the book even though the directions were not always clear.
Congrats on all your finishes and your prizes.

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