vrijdag 25 december 2009

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas

On this wonderful Christmas day I want to show you my Christmas in July presents that arrived just in time for Christmas! Theme: Gingerbread men (O:

(Please click on the photo to get a better look!)

At the beginning of this year I joined the Christmas in July swap that was organized by Stephanie and Linda. Darlene was my secret swap partner, who would make me presents that I should have received in July. Unfortunately, her package did not make it here. How very sad, not for me, but for the presents Darlene had made )O: In August Darlene contacted me, wondering if her Christmas in July presents had ever made it to my home. She wanted to make me new presents right away, feeling bad about it. I told her to wait for at least two months, having experience in parcels reaching me too late. One of the parcels that got lost did eventually get to me at the beginning of this month after 4.5 months, but unfortunately Darlene's never came.

Darlene didn't let me know she had made me a lovely package again, so you can imagine how very suprised and happy I was, when her second parcel did arrive (((O:
Look at the lovely table topper she made. It's as though it was made for our table and it suits my red Christmas decorations perfectly!
And look at the wonderful stocking and the cute gingerbread men ornaments. One is hanging in our tree and the other is at the top of a garland.

Thank you so very much, dear Darlene, for having made me a new 'Christmas in July' parcel with such lovely presents!!!

PS: If ever the first parcel arrives, I will let you know ;o)

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simplestitches zei

Merry Christmas Simone.

Lovely presents...
hope you have a wonderful day.

Stephanie zei

Although you didn't receive your first package in July...your second one arrived with perfect timing. What very sweet gifts from Darlene and even sweeter that she remade and resent gifts just for you. Merry Christmas.

Shari zei

It is so sad when something precious goes missing in the mail. How wonderful of Darlene and what excellent timing for your Christmas!

Hope you had a wonderful celebration with family and friends! May your new year be bright and filled with many blessings...

Hugs - Shari

Cybele's patch zei

Wat vaardig van Darlene, dat ze opnieuw een pakketje voor je heeft gemaakt. Nog een fijne tweede Kerstdag!

Anoniem zei

Wat lief om een tweede pakje te maken. Het zijn wel hele leuke dingetjes die ze je heeft gestuurd. Ik hoop dat het tweede pakje toch nog boven water komt.

Cattinka zei

Darlene is really very nice and generous, she sent you a very special present.

Darlene zei

I'm glad the second package has arrived. Whew! I hope the first one arrives one day soon. :-)

I'm glad you liked the little goodies!

Sherri zei

How wonderful that Darlene's package arrived just in time! Have a wonderful holiday!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) zei

Hi Simone,
that was sooo lovely of Darlene to do that.
BTW I hope you and your family had a lovely xmas day :)

Linda zei

Beautiful parcel of goodies, and what perfect timing.

Jutta...stoffundnadel... zei

Liebe Simone,
oooooh, wie wunderschön !!! Ich freue mich, dass das Paket von Darlene angekommen ist und dass sie nicht aufgegeben hat.
Hoffentlich kommt das erste Päckchen doch noch eines Tages bei dir an oder zu Darlene zurück, es kann doch nicht verschwunden sein.
Ganz liebe Grüße an dich, deine Jutta

Guðrún zei

It is so sad when parcels get lost in the mail :(

Leanne zei

You never know it may turn up one day. What a nice thing for Darlene to do.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

Oh Simone...how upsetting!!! Darlene is such a sweetie to do it again for you...Perhaps it might turn up one day, you never know♥x

Christine zei

So sweet of Darlene to make you another gift ... and so delightful.

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