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And the 5 winners are ... Rudolf and Christmas Wish

As promised, I am going to announce the winners. I was very happy with all your comments and feel blessed with so many good friends that I have met over the past year. As said before, I added some people to my list, who didn't leave behind a comment, but who do visit my blog and email me regularly, such as my parents, one of my sisters and my sister-in-law (((O:

So here is Laura 'grabbing' into the bowl ...

and picking the following names:

If you can't read the names on the picture, the winners are: Laurie, Satu, Natima, Francis and Maria (O: Sorry I can't give you the links to the blogs, but my computer is not doing what I want it to do and is constantly breaking off.

Laurie, you are the first one to choose from the giveaways, then come Satu, Natima, Francis and Maria. I will email the 'left overs' as soon as the first, second etc. has made her choice.


On Thursday we had our third Quilting Bee. Look at the lovely project Mai made with us! It is Rudolf. Isn't he cute (O: It was really fun making him and I hope to make some more!

And last but not least, my finished Christmas Wish, which I have finished thanks to Melanie and Karen. This one will travell to the United States I hope this week. I am so bad at getting things posted, since the post office moved away )o:

I once again want to ask your attention for the Dromenquilts in my previous post. Six kind ladies UPDATE 10 LADIES !!! MAKE THAT 11!!! from all over the world have already volunteered to make one or two blocks. Please join this good cause! Kathy at Pink Chalk Studio has donated fabric for the quilts, which I will send to you as soon as I receive it.

Next week I will tell you about my parcel that I received 4 months later and some other projects I finished.

No quote today, because my computer is really freaking me out ...

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Anoniem zei

Congratulations to the ladies whom has won your give away. Je rudolf ziet er heel leuk uit. Het was echt weer een leuke ochtend. Je X-mas wish is ook erg mooi. En je bent een kanjer dat je je zo inzet voor het goed doel.

Cybele's patch zei

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Je Rudolph is leuk geworden en je kerstquiltje ziet er echt prachtig uit. Je hebt veel gedaan deze week. Vind je het niet jammer om afscheid te nemen van het quiltje?
Wat internet betreft geloof ik dat er een storing is, want ik word er ook regelmatig af gegooid.

Anoniem zei

Hallo Lieve Simone, congratulations to all the winners...you have been busy and your Christmas Wish Quilt is lovely..Warm Regards Lyn

Anoniem zei

Morning Simone, congratulations to the winners. You were so generous.

Your Christmas Wish BOW turned out very pretty. I know I'm a day late (weekend party) but I'll put my one up today.

Rudolf is so sweet. I hadn't seen a wreath like that before. Great work Mai.

Isabella zei

Wat leuk die Rudolph en je kerstquiltje is ook super geworden.

ria vogelzang zei

Congratulations to all the winners!
Rudolf looks great! And your Christmas Wish quilt is lovely!

Jutta...stoffundnadel... zei

Hallo liebe Simone, guten Morgen,
heute bin ich die erste, die einen Kommentar schreibt, oh, welche Ehre.
Ich gratuliere allen Gewinnern zu ihren tollen Preisen, schnief, leider war ich nicht dabei;-(
Dein Rudolf ist wirklich süß, das knuddelige Näschen, das hübsche Gesicht, ich freue mich mit dir, dass ihr in der Gruppe so tolle Sachen macht.
Und dein fertiger Christmas Wish, wunderwunderschön !!!!
Hab einen schönen Tag, herzliche Grüße, deine Jutta

Lotusblüte zei

Ich gratuliere den Gewinnerinnen recht herzlich :O)Und Dein Christmast Wish Quilt ist zauberhaft geworden liebe Simone - hab noch eine schöne Woche und sei herzlich umarmt- GGLG Gaby

Shiree zei

Morning Simone,
oh you were so wonderfully generous with your blog giveaway. Congrats to the winners.And you have been so busy, your blog is very newsy. Rudolph is so cute, what a lovely Christmas wreath - he can hang on my door anytime! I am happy to contribute to the Dromenquilts so I shall e-mail you then,
Christmas cheers, Shiree

Satu zei

Simone, is this true or dream ;) Am I the one of the lucky ladies??? IF this is true and if I have a chance to choose I would like to have Butterfly Magic or Gail Pan's design;) Thank you SO much and hugs also to Laura;))

maria zei

Hi, before I get too excited is the Maria me or another lucky person with the same name!

Jackie zei

Congrats to the winners!

Simone, your Christmas Wish quilt is just gorgeous! I can't wait to see your other finished projects next week. I hope your computer issues are fixed soon.

Notjustnat zei

Thanks Simone for my lucky number. I can't believed I won!!! You are so generous with your giveaways. Thanks again - Hugs Natima

Bev C zei

Hello Simone, Congratulations to the lucky winners enjoy your prizes. Rudolph is just so cute. I think he should hang around after Christmas spreading his cheer.Well done on completing the Christmas quilt. You have been busy. Happy days.

Annelies vdB zei

Congratulations to the winners.
I love your Christmas Wish quilt !

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

Labdien Simone...congratulations to the winners and thank you for hosting this very generous giveaway!!! That Rudolf is very cute I agree...and wow the Christmas Wish is wonderful....You have been so very very busy...Good On You♥x

Herzblatt zei

Congratulation to all the happy ladies who have won so wonderful things!!! By the way, I loce Rudolf...so cute!!!
Your Christmas Wish is great!!! WQe have the same problems with our post offices,they all closed down and only in bigger towns you are able to find them normally in supermarkets....Terrible!!
I wish you a nice 3. Advent weekend

Micki zei

Congrats to the winners! I love that Rudolph...It is just so cute! It is such fun getting ready for the holidays, and I hope you enjoy it all!

Anoniem zei

waarom niet:)

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