zaterdag 22 november 2008

Magical Christmas almost finished

Laura, my daughter has been creative once again. Look at the tiny stitches she makes. She certainly does have good eyes!

Today when we got up, we had snow!!! Our first snow in November. Doesn't it look beautiful. Our dog Bibi loves running around in the snow. It makes her active and happy.

And here's my Magical Christmas almost finished. I have one more border to go and then I'll be able to finish it! I must say, I'm quite satisfied. This is a very fun project to make!

6 opmerkingen: zei

Oh that softie is so cute, I love it! The snow is so pretty. I can't wait for our first snow. Sledding here I come!

Anoniem zei

oh my your daughter does do neat work!! and SNOW!!! that is so not fair!! I would love a white christmas not a hot sweaty one!! My sister went to Germany many years ago to have a white christmas!! Those Stitcheries are adorable, I love that naive style it would have to be my favourite!!!

Sarah zei

Wow you are getting alot done! It looks great!

Jackie zei

Your daughter has truly picked up your talent! It must be wonderful to share that with her!

The snow is gorgeous!

Sherri zei

Love the snow photo...and the Magical Christmas is just gorgeous!

Peg - Happy In Quilting zei

Simone your Magical Christmas is truly lovely...your daughter is also very talented I can see where she gets it from.

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