vrijdag 27 juli 2012

Bezoek aan Dordrecht

 Impressions of Dordrecht, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands.
Indrukken van Dordrecht, een van de oudste steden van Nederland.


 Some of the housefronts have beautiful details.
Sommige gevels hebben prachtige details.

Right: the gardens of Villa Augustus (see below)
Rechts: de tuinen van Villa Augustus (zie onder)

At the left: Water tower, rebuilt as hotel. Right: my lunch, decorated with flower petals. 
Links: De Watertoren, verbouwd als hotel. Rechts: mijn lunch versierd met bloemblaadjes.

 Texts we came across.
Gedichten, die we tegenkwamen. 

In the heart of a seedling
deep under the ground
Rests a tiny plant
Sleeping till tomorrow comes
Wake up - said the sun
And open to the light.
Wake up - said the rain
And show your side.
The tiny plant heard this
And grew up tall to see
How beautiful the world ... might be

(free translation by sdk)

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Cybele's patch zei

Mooie oude stad. Zo zag Rotterdam er voor de oorlog ook uit (aldus mijn vader, een rasechte Rotterdammer). Dordrecht riep dubbele herinneringen op.

Tracy zei

Thank you for taking us along with you, Simone! Dordrecht is beautiful! I love Jungendstil architecture and art! Your lunch was lovely... that scattering of flower petals makes the plate a work of art. :o) Glad you had a great day out. Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Sue zei

Wow. What a beautiful place. I love places like that where the buildings are so old and so beautiful!

Debbie zei

awesome! Enjoyed seeing your pics!

hetty zei

Lovely Dutch history. Thanks for sharing your photos. Your lunch looks delicious. Very artistic with the flowers.

~Laurie~ zei

LOVE, love, love the old architecture - especially the faces on the buildings. Beautiful pictures Simone - thank you for sharing with us!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

Oh Simone what a beautiful place...there is so much history in Europe! And that lunch looks something else xo

Stephanie zei

I think it is so easy to find quilt inspirations in architecture and gardens. What a lovely place. I love old buildings.

Pretty little poem.

Houseelf zei

What beautiful architecture. Thanks for sharing. It looks like a lovely place to visit. The flower petal decorations look so joyful on your plate.

KaHolly zei

So very lovely!! I'd love to be able to visit some day, but for now I am thankful that you share!

Leanne zei

A truly beautiful place. You have so much history.

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