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Giveaway time for my readers (o:

Mary Jane's Vintage spools at Oak Park joining Hailee Barefoot in the Park to go to the Saturday Market to search for Ladyfingers, Sugar Baby and Prickly Pear  with their Loft Tote and West Linn bag

As my regular readers know, I am a big fan of Stephanie's patterns. They are well written, step by step, always tested by her supremes and fun and easy to make. The result is stunning everytime I finish one of her projects.

Wie mijn blog regelmatig leest, weet dat ik een fan ben van Stephanie's patronen
. Ze zijn erg goed geschreven, worden altijd door haar supremes getest en zijn leuk en eenvoudig te maken. Het resultaat is iedere keer opnieuw weer heel mooi.

Below you can see the latest pattern Stephanie designed: Vintage Spools. I decided to use my French General stash for this quilt, since it really emphasizes the vintage look to me. I am going to make a modern version too, but first I'll finish the top to this one.

Hier zie je haar laatste ontwerp: Vintage Spools. Hiervoor heb ik mijn French General stash aangebroken, aangezien die echt de vintage uitstraling geven. Ik ga een moderne versie maken, maar eerst wil ik deze af hebben.

This part of the post was fun, but now comes the best part. I told Stephanie that I was going to have a giveaway with her patterns, since I want others to join the fun I am experiencing in making her patterns. Stephanie very kindly offered to provide the patterns for this! Thank you so much, Stephanie (o:

Dit deel van de post was al leuk, maar nu komt het beste deel. Ik vertelde Stephanie dat ik een giveaway zou hebben met haar patronen, aangezien ik graag wil dat anderen ook het plezier van het maken van haar patronen ervaren. Stephanie is zo aardig de patronen hiervoor te verzorgen. Bedankt, Stephanie (o:

Barefoot in the Park (picture taken van Stephanie's blog)

So, this is what you can win:
First prize:         A Modern Mary Jane bag, made by me and
                         a PDF pattern which you can find here.
Second prize:    Two PDF patterns which you can find here
                         and a charm pack (Spring Fever).
Third prize:       One PDF pattern which you can find here
                         and a mini charm pack (Collection for a

Dit kun je winnen:
Eerste prijs:      Een Modern Mary Jane bag, door mij 
                         gemaakt en een PDF patroon, dat je hier 
                         kunt vinden.
Tweede prijs:   Twee PDF patronen, die je hier kunt 
                         vinden en een charm pack (Spring Fever).
Derde prijs:      Eén PDF patroon, dat je hier kunt 
                         vinden en een mini charm pack

                         (Collection for a Cause).

In order to win, please leave behind a comment and let me know what your favorite Loft Creation pattern is. Who knows you might win it (o:
Schrijf een comment, om in aanmerking te komen voor één van de prijzen en laat me weten wat je favoriete Loft Creation patroon is. Wie weet, win je het (o:

The choices we make,
not the changes we take,
determine our destiny.

(a quote my father sent me this week :o)

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Anoniem zei

Hoi Simone,
Toevallig kwam ik op je blog terecht, wat een leuke give-away heb je. Ik heb zelf geen blog, ben ook nog een beginnend quilter. Ik vind de tassen erg leuk die je maakt! Mijn favoriet loft creation zou zijn de Oak park baf en de hailee bag, de loft tote vind ik ook heel mooi, en de modern Mary Jane, eigenlijk allemaal wel...
Groetjes Marja-Brabant

Jackie zei

Are you a Supreme? If not, I sure think you should be! You've done beautiful things with Stephanies patterns. I must admit, Oak Park is my favorite - I especially like your pink and green one!

KaHolly zei

You certainly ARE Stephanie's biggest fan. As I've said before, I love working with Stephanie's patterns, too, so I can certainly understand. I already own several of her bag patterns - and ask that you don't include me in this fantastic give-away, but to let someone else win and enjoy as much as we do!! ~karen

Terry zei

Stephanie's patterns are all so beautiful, but I especially love the Oak Park bag! Thanks to both of you for the giveaway! :0)

Cattinka zei

Also mir gefällt der "West Linn Bag Pattern" sehr gut, wobei alle Anleitungen sehr schön aussehen! Und was Du davon alles schon genäht hast, sieht spitzenmäßig aus!

Marga (MarPie) zei

Heel erg leuk je spoolsquilt zelf vind ik haar "Barefoot in the Park" een leuk patroon. Ga dan ook voor die. Dank je wel voor de give away en ook Stephanie bedankt.

Vriendelijke groetjes,

katrien zei

Wat een leuke patronen.De saterday bag vind ik wel leuk.

Dolores zei

Hi Simone,
If I had to choose one pattern, then I guess it would be the Oak Park bag. Thanks for the chance to win this generous giveaway.

Amanda zei

I love the Prickly Pear bag pattern the best, but I really like all of them so it would be great to win one.

Anoniem zei

Wat leuk dat je een give away hebt. Stephanie's patronen zijn idd erg goed. Ik vind Barefoot in the park op dit moment het mooist, maar ik denk dat dit ook door het mooie stofgebruik komt.

hetty zei

What a terrific give away! I love everything you have made using Stephanie's patterns, but perhaps the Oak Park bag or Barefoot in the Park are my favourites. Honestly, I wouldn't care which one. It would just be simply great to win any one of them.

simplestitches zei

what a wonderful giveaway...
I think my fav is Oak Park, with Lady Fingers, Sugar Baby a close second...
all of Stephanie's patterns are lovely and you have done beautiful examples of them...

Leanne zei

That is the longest title I have ever seen and very generous of you and Stephanie.

Kiwifruit-Shiree zei

those bags are lined up for a shopping spree the Simone, oh what fun that would be, I can only just imagine what goodies might find their way into those bags!!

Anoniem zei

Hello Simone, my favourite pattern would be Ladyfinger or Sugar Baby.....thankyou to you both for the generous Giveaway...Warm Regards, Lyn

Christine zei

I think the Oak Park bag pattern is my favourite. Really like the Vintage Spools quilt too.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Sew Useful Designs zei

Hi Simone! :-)

Stephanie's designs are wonderful and she's such a lovely lady too! Thank you both for giving us this wonderful opportunity! I absolutely adore the Mary Jane bag... and the prickly pear! But love them all!

Have a wonderful week lief Simone!
Knuffles!!! Vikki xo :-)

Shari zei

What a post title! Just love it! All of Stephanie's patterns are great - but my favourite is still her first - the West Linn. Too perfect.

Have fun!

Sarah zei

Ohhh Simone...

a give away (evil grin).

Gosh I am easy... I have no particular favourite!

Happy days : o )

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

Now we know what your surprise is Simone!!! They all look good...but that Tote kept jumping out at me....Thank you for this wonderful giveaway...what fun!!! Have a great week!!!

ria vogelzang zei

Hoi Simone, wat een prachtige Giveaway! En wat een mooie patronen en stoffen van Stephanie!
En dan een keuze maken; wat moeilijk.....
ik denk dat ik de Barefoot in the Park het leukst vind..... of toch de Vintage Spools........
(zucht) Kan geen keuze maken; wel heel leuk om mee te doen en wie weet...... ;)
Fijne maandag!!

Rena zei

Liebe Simone ,
das ist ein großartiges und sehr großzügiges give away von dir .
Danke !
Deine Taschen gefallen mir alle sehr, sehr gut , sowie auch dein Vintage Quilt , wunderschön !!!

Mein Taschen Favorit ist die Mary Jane Tasche :-)

Ganz liebe Grüße und eine schöne Woche wünscht dir

Satu zei

Dear Simone, how generous of you both to organize this give away! First I fell in love 'Hailee Bag', but after seeing your 'Oak Park', I don't know which one I do like the best... So both of them (patterns) are waiting for me to start;)

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) zei

Lieve Simone,
I have been enjoying a lovely browse through Stephanie's blog. Thank-you for inspiring me to do so.
Hugs, Sharon

Notjustnat zei

I have been enjoying a lovely looking through Stephanie's blog. Thanks for sharing the link. Thanks for your giveaways too. Anything is welcome if I win. Thank you - Hugs Nat

Bev C zei

Hello Simone,

Thank kyou for letting me know about this. Stepanie's patterns are so bright and funky and just love the names she has given them. I love Vintage spools and all those bags,decisions decisions.
Happy days.

Houseelf zei

Ladyfingers is still my fav pattern of Stephanie's. Without her very clear instructions and a tutorial on her blog I wouldn't have tried to make a dresden. Her instructions were so much better than the ones on the ruler!

Great work Simone. The spools look really good. I have barely sewed all week!

Lotusblüte zei

Liebe Simone, du bist ja wirklich sehr fleißig gewesen und deine vielen Giveaway´s sind alle toll ;O) Mir würde auch der Quiltpattern besonders gut gefallen, aber auch die Taschenschnitte sind wundervoll. Hab noch eine schöne Woche und herzliche Grüße deine Freundin Gaby ;O))

Just-Do zei

Dat is nog eens samenwerken! De patronen van Stephanie zijn inderdaad hartstikke leuk en het leuke van 'barefoot in the Park' vind ik dat hij omkeerbaar is. Zooooo slim bedacht.
groetjes, Dorien

stitchinpenny zei

My favorite pattern today is the barefoot in the park. Tomorrow it will be different.

Barbara zei

As a long time fan of everything Loft Creations, I must say that I love ABBY the most !

I would love to make Barefoot in the Park as I think it would be great to have 2 quilts in one effort !

Thank you both for the give-away

Lynn zei

barefoot in the park! Congratulations on becoming a supreme!!

Mary zei

Love the Mary Jane. So versitile. What fun. Congratulations on becoming a "Supreme".

Kelly O. zei

I love her barefoot in the park quilt pattern!

paulette zei

I love Loft Creations...hard to pick just one...but Oak Park Bag is calling my name!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Carrie P. zei

Congrats on being a Supreme. Great giveaway you are having. I have a lot of her patterns so you don't need to include me even though winning a bag made by you or the fabric would be nice.

Ramona zei

It is so hard to pick just one pattern. I love vintage spools, barefoot in the park and modern mary jane. Your bags are just beautiful.

Wendy zei

I've had my eye on the vintage spools quilt, I have the same fabrics you made yours with. Thanks for the chance.

Terri zei

Oh, yes! I can see Lady fingers in my favorite colors, oranges and reds! Love the little one. too. Thanks for the chance!

~Niki~ zei


love this tote. i am partial to orange, so maybe that's why. thanks for the entry try! niki

corners of my life zei

The Oak Park Bag has long been my favorite.

Nancy D. zei

I really like the Barefoot in the Park pattern.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) zei

Oak Park has always been a favorite of mine. Your bags always turn out so cute.

Guðrún zei

How exciting... my fav pattern is of the West Linn bag.

Jutta...stoffundnadel... zei

Oh, das ist aber ein schönes Give away, liebe Simone, wie gut, dass ich noch nicht zu spät bin.
Vintage Spools ist mein Favorit, es war schwer, mich zu entscheiden.
Liebe Simone, ich bekomme leider keine Nachricht mehr, wenn du ein neues Posting geschrieben hast, deshalb werde ich mich heute aus deiner Leserliste austragen ..... aber morgen trage ich mich neu ein, vielleicht funktioniert dann alles wieder korrekt.
Hab einen schönen Sonntag, liebe Grüß, deine Jutta

Quiltbiene zei

Liebe Simone, ganz schön aufregend, Dein nettes Giveaway.
Ich finde die mod. Mary Jane wunderschön.
Herzliche Grüße von Sabine

rockgranny zei

This is not an easy task, but my favorites are Vintage Spools & Lady fingers
Greetings from another Simona

Michele zei

I like Hailee, Oak Park or Lady Fingers.....it is so hard to choose! I am a big fan of Stephanie, but I have to admit I haven't made one of her patterns yet! Thanks for this opportunity to get started :-)

misspatchwork zei

Liebe Simone,
ganz herrlich sind alle deine Taschen. Meine Lieblingstasche wäre die Oak Park.
Herzliche Grüße

Anoniem zei

hoi Simone heb net je bericht gelezen.IK heb nog nooit aan zoiets mee gedaan.Vind alles mooi en kan geen keus maken.GA maar door met leuke tassen maken dan hebben wij wat te kijken.Jou voorstel vind ik prachtig zal het er over hebben met Ger zie je vlug en voor al DOORGAAN Diny

Anoniem zei

lieve Simone wat komt er toch veel
moois uit je handen,daar word ik
vrolijk van.maar ik kan geen keus
maken ga zo door dan hebben wij
veel te kijken.lieve groetjes

Sinta Renee zei

I would love a chance to win one of Stephanie's wonderful patterns... great giveaway:) I have always wanted to make the West Linn bag... because I was born just a few miles from there! I love your Spools quilt too--out of your FG fabrics, gorgeous!

Solstitches zei

What a fabulous giveaway.
I love Stephanie's designs although currently I only own one of them.
I recently finished the Oak Park bag in Moda Lilac Hill fabric and love it.
My favourites are Barefoot or Modern Mary Jane.

retdairyqueen zei

Hi Simone
Just dropped by to say Hello

veerle zei

Wat maak je toch mooie dingen. Ik ben gek van de "Barefoot in the Park". Maar eigenlijk vind ik ze stiekem allemaal mooi :)

Amy zei

All of the bags you've made are gorgeous! I like her patterns too! For me it's a toss up on my favorite - either the Oak Park Bag or the Haliee bag - love them both! :-)

Happy sewing,


Lyn zei

Love the West Linn bag....actually love them all

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