vrijdag 20 februari 2009

Stitcheries, Calendar quilt challenge 2009 and Lyn's Silent Auction

This week I finished two of my stitchery BOMs! They are so much fun to make. For the Verandah View, instead of a bluebird, I made a black bird, since we don't have bluebirds here in the Netherlands and it would look a bit strange to me. Thank you Gail and Cheryl for these lovely free BOMs!
If you want another free BOM, 'short and sweet', see the Wonky Houses on Jenny's blog.

Then on Sunday I finally caught up with my calendar challenge. That was Sunday. Now I'm behind again. If you look closely on the strip of February 14, you will see a little heart ribbon which came along with my Sassy Flirty Apron Swap.

At the end of this month, I will start a challenge with my daughter, mother, 4 sisters, sister in law and niece: Anni Dawn's The Twelve Days of Christmas. This will definitely be a challenge, since only Laura, my daughter has done some stitching before.

Then please go over to
Lyn's blog. She's having a Silent Auction for the Bushfire Appeal, a lovely 1930's Package.

And here some more snow bells for you, to remind us that spring will soon be here (O:

I'll be gone for several days after today, escaping Carnival, that is celebrated elaborately in this part of the country. Have a lovely weekend and a happy week!

zaterdag 14 februari 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Last week when I visited my parents, they gave me this envelop, which I had given them almost 40 years ago for Valentines Day. Can you belief it! When I looked at it closer, I told them there was still something inside the sealed envelop.

What a lovely suprise! Then when I got home to show my family, I found something else inside...
Isn't this just very very sweet. And how wonderful of my parents to have kept it for so long.

And this is what I made for my sweetheart Laura. She hasn't seen it yet, still dreaming.
I got the pattern at One Red Robin.

And to stay in hearts - this little heart I made for Laura too this week, to wish her good luck.

Happy Valentines Day to you all (O:

zondag 8 februari 2009

So much to share

On January 15, I won Lyn's Whirl into Winter giveaway. The parcel came in on Friday. How spoiled can one be, receiving two gorgeous parcels in one week? And look what Lyn sent me: a beautiful wooden bell which makes a very warm sound, a lovely note pad - one can never have enough, the pattern for the Star Light Star Bright bag by Jennifer Knol & Yolanda Tomlins, a lovely wall hanger and ...

the Quilt House table topper. A beautiful quilt, that fits exactly on our living room table (not on the picture). It is beautifully made and quilted. Thank you so much Lyn, for this wonderful giveaway (O:

On Friday I finally finished my table runner for the monochromatic 4 season swap. It's my first monochromatic quilt and my first table runner.
Each light block has a little stitchery from A Christmas Story by Anni Downs from Hatched and Patched.

And here are two of my little snow bells that grow in my garden and open when the sun is shining. They look so pretty!

Then please check out the swap Darci at Stiches & Siccors is organizing. You don't have to make anything and have until the 11th to join in.

Take a look at these three free BOMs:
2. They also have a Free BOM 2008.
3. Friendship Flower Quilt at Grandma's Stitches. If you look through this blog, you can find many beautiful free patterns. She also sells cute patterns with fabrics. I'm glad dear Jutta mentioned this blog to me!

I hope you all have a lovely week! Happy stitching and quilting (O:

donderdag 5 februari 2009

Once upon a time ... apron swap

I finished my first BOM block for February, The Frog King by Bea in the Once upon a time series. There is only a golden button missing, that goes at the end of the wave. But I'm not quite sure if it will be golden. I think Bea did a wonderful job again. She also made the Quilter's Blessings BOM, which she will send to you by email in return for a fat quarter.
And now I get to start the second block of the Verandah View BOM, Bath time. Cheryl already gave a sneak peek of her March block!

And today my dear postman brought me my apron swap parcel. Karen was my secret swap partner. Look at all the beautifully wrapped presents that were inside!

And here you can see them unpacked ...
I was overwhelmed by all the beautiful goodies Karen added! She also added a long list of 'Quick Valentine Gift Giving Ideas' on red paper. WOW!!!
I have to protect the cute pink Teddy Bear, otherwise Laura will have it with her soon.

Here's a detail of the apron and ...

Now isn't it gorgeous!!! The fabric is so very cute and I love the pattern!
Even Bibi our sweet beagle can't keep her eyes off the apron.

zondag 1 februari 2009

Viktor and Rolf exhibition

Yesterday Laura, one of my sisters and I went to the Viktor and Rolf exhibtion in Utrecht. I don't think I have ever enjoyed an exhibtion this much! Unbelievable how two young men working together can express their creativity in such an impressive way!

Viktor and Rolf included many themes in their exhibtion, which they had used in earlier fashion shows. My favorite theme was Russian doll (fall/winter 1999-2000), of which the final step in shown in this picture. Underneath this cape there are nine other dresses, just like a matrioshka. Their show concept for this fourth couture collection was very original, using only one model.

This was Laura's favorite 'dress' from the 'Bedtime Story' theme (fall/winter 2005-2006). The doll (and in the show, the model) actually has two lovely pink silk cushions in her neck!

Look at all these lovely ribbons in different sizes and the colors ...

Another dress from the 'Bedtime story'.

The 'Silver' theme.
There were even details underneath the skirt. The picture didn't turn out right, since we weren't allowed to use our flash light.

If anyone here in Holland still has time this week to visit the exhibition, you should really go (until 8 February). It is definitely worth it. When walking back to the train, I wasn't even intrested in the Quiltshop we passed and to which I only get to go once in the two or three years ...
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