vrijdag 25 januari 2013

A walk in the snow

Last week it started to snow. These pictures were taken on the first day. We still have snow, but it is now very icy and dangerous.

Vorige week begon het te sneeuwen. Deze foto's zijn op de eerste dag gemaakt. Er ligt nog steeds sneeuw, maar het is gevaarlijk glad!

Birds in our garden. They visit us daily (o:
Vogels in onze tuin. Ze komen dagelijks op bezoek (o:

Today is your last chance to sign up for the LOVE workshop, given by Tracy at Prana Light. Please have a look here and join!

Vandaag is de laatste dag, dat je je voor de LOVE workshop kunt inschrijven. Deze wordt door Tracy van Prana Light gegeven. Ga hier kijken en doe mee!

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KaHolly zei

Hi there, Simone! Lovely wintery (but cold looking) pictures! I've escaped the cold and snow once again and am enjoying my winter in S. Texas. Hope you are well!!~karen

Terry zei

Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them! :0)

Carrie P. zei

we got a little snow and then sleet today. your photos are lovely. That black and white bird in the center is pretty.

Yvonne W zei

The snow pictures look beautiful-- but I can imagine the danger that the icy grounds pose. The little birds look co cute.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries zei

Lieve Simone the snow pictures look so 'cool'...we have been experiencing very hot days here so it's a real treat to come here and 'feel' cooler!

hetty zei

Wonderful snow pictures! It is snowing here too. Started at noon and hasn't stopped yet. The rush hour traffic is totally snarled. DH is not home yet.

Bev C zei

Hello Simone,

It is lovely to see the contrast in Seasons in your part of the world.
Aren't birds so brave to be out in the weather.

Have a lovely weekend.Stay warm.

Amanda zei

Snow makes for great photographs doesn't it, they almost look as if you had taken them in black and white. Walking the dog hasn't been too pleasant over the last week or so, either deep snow, or ice and ruts, I imagine it has been the same for you.

Ulla zei

Beautiful pictures of the snow, running water, ice, hare's footprints, and Robin, Magpie and Mrs Blackbird!

Tracy zei

Such BEAUTIFUL winter images, Simone! Looks like here too. ;o) It's been so frosty, snowy and cold... Spring seems a long way off! So sweet of you to mention my workshop--you are so kind, my friend! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

HerzBlatt zei

Nice pictures of snow! At the moment it snows again, although rain is predicted. The picture of the little river looks like a person....Did you see that?
Best wishes

Satu zei

Hi Simone, I heard that you too had snow last week. Lovely wintery photos! Just remember to walk carefully on the icy roads.

Abby and Stephanie zei

I finally arrived home last night to snow and freezing rain. Your photos are gorgeous. I'd rather look at snow than live in it. :o) Ice is very wicked.

Days and colors zei

Beautiful snow pictures, Simone! Ours is now almost all gone, it got warmer, it rained, and everything is just grey...

Houseelf zei

Beautiful snowy pics!

I have signed up. It sounds very good and perfect for February.

Leanne zei

Ooh it looks REALLY cold. Wonderful pis though love the foot prints in the snow.

Elena Ziglio zei

Hi Simone, I'm here!!!
mmmm wonderful snow & photos!!!!


Ducen zei

it really looks great and it can bring up more values thanks for the colors of blossoms.

Sinta Renee zei

Hi Simone... I just (finally) made my little dolly and wanted to thank you for being so wonderful. I hope all is well with you!

Unknown zei

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Continue the good work!

KaHolly zei

Hi, Simone, you have not posted in forever. I hope everything is okay. ~karen

Nancy Jekel zei

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John Cruz zei

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